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579Servant's Retreat is coming to Brooklyn in January register now!

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  • asst2msgross@bdsmclasses.com
    Nov 1, 2010
      Servants Retreat
      Nine years of fortifying great
      January 14-16 2011
      Brooklyn, NY

      At Retreat, we will explore in depth who we are as submissives,
      servants, bottoms, slaves, boys, girls, etc. This retreat will not
      provide you with uniform answers- there are no patent answers. It is
      designed to provide you with tools that may allow you to find your
      answers while enhancing your service and self. This is an intensive,
      interactive weekend. This is not a service 101 course of study. Each
      session has worksheets and focuses on a different emotional or
      intellectual area of service. Be prepared to explore yourself.

      This weekend was created for people who submit and serve. It is for
      people who are 24/7, who serve a few hours a month, or anywhere in
      between. It is open to all genders and orientations. It is not about
      fantasy but the realities of service.

      Some of the concepts we explore are: who we are; submission and self
      esteem; our past/present and how that effects our service; maintaining
      submission; training; self-maintenance; punishment and reward; growth
      and much more.

      Some comments from past participants:
      "Open, honest, probing.... Be prepared to see your world turned inside
      out and have some cob webs exposed to the light of day." K.J.
      "It was insightful, scary, deep and very emotional. The idea and skills
      I learned here were remarkable... The hole I felt in my chest is gone!
      I now have an action plan..." A. L.
      "Very introspective-learned about myself and how I can be better in my
      service. I am still looking for my Dominant (I know he's out there) and
      I know now how I do myself service in finding the right Dominant for
      me!" K.

      To reserve your spot for Servant's Retreat, you will need to prepay.
      RSVP early due to extreme group size limitations. The exact location
      will be released to registered attendees only upon registration.

      Lodging is NOT included in the price of the weekend.

      Participation is only $125 per person, which includes meals!

      Payment Plans are available. Please contact my assistant nic to set up
      a payment plan. Asst2msgross@...

      Make your plans now as SR is going to fill up fast!

      Catherine Gross is a national educator who has taught at New York
      University, Black Rose, IMsL, LIL, Leatherfest, Leather University, as
      well as given hundreds of classes to smaller groups. She is the
      recipient of Black Rose's Vaughn Keith National Educator Award 2002 and
      Pantheon of Leather Southeast Community Service Award 2006. She’s
      offering Servant’s Retreat II and you must attend SRI in order to
      attend SR II.

      Please go to Http://www.BDSMClasses.com for a glance at the schedule,
      registration, and fees. Please click on Servant’s Retreat under
      Skillshops on the main menu.