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576South Plains Leatherfest -- Intl M/s Weekend !!

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  • slavegirl debbie ss
    Oct 20, 2010

      South Plains Leatherfest -- International Master/slave Weekend
      February 25-27, 2011 in Dallas , Texas


      Come experience one of the best Leather/SM and Master/slave focused events in the country by joining 500+ leatherfolk from across the country at South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave Weekend in Dallas , February 25-27, 2011.   Whether you're interested in Master/slave relationships, cutting edge SM, awesome play parties, or want to support your regional Int'l Master/slave 2011 contestant pair -- you'll find what you're looking for at SPLF!


      FEATURES:  International Master/slave Contest, over 30 workshops and seminars, Thursday Night Early Bird Mixer, Opening Festivities with Auction of Presenters, Men's, Women's and Transgendered Cruise Areas, Vendor Room, Bootblacking Area.

      SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS & PRESENTERS:  South Plains offers two seminar tracks: Master/slave relationships and Advanced SM Techniques.  Presenters for the M/s track include Master Skip, Master Jim and slave marsha (IM/s 2001), Daddy Sal, Master Obsidian and slave namaste (IM/s 2010), Master Rick and slave tina (IM/s 2008), Sir Stephen and slave catherine (IM/s 2005) and SlaveMaster.  The Leather/SM track features Mark Frazier, Hardy Haberman, Lolita, J Lube Jack, Dr. Clockwork and Master Malik.

      PRESENTER AUCTION: AN SPLF ORIGINAL!:  Workshops and seminars are great, but isn't spending one-on-one time with presenters even better? Hardy Haberman, JLube Jack, Lolita, slave caroline, and Master Obsidian and slave namaste (IM/s 2010)  have stepped up to raise money for the International Master/slave 2011 Travel Fund.  At Friday night's Opening Festivities, these presenters will stand on the auction block and offer their time to the highest bidder or bidders (bidding coalitions are encouraged!) at a time and place to be negotiated. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

      THE INTERNATIONAL MASTER/SLAVE CONTEST:  On Friday night we introduce our five International Master/slave contestant pairs from around the country (Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast and Great Lakes ). The winning titleholder pair will educate the Leather/SM and M/s communities about the Master/slave lifestyle through presentations, seminars, panel discussions, speeches, articles, etc. Emcees boy Chris and Randal Kinnear  are guaranteed to be a hoot! This year's judges: Daddy Sal (Head Judge),  Master Archer, slave riches, Master Tallen, slave nic, Master J, and SlaveMaster.

      PLAY PARTY PACKAGE:  $25.00 gets you two nights (Friday and Saturday!) of hard play in 5,000 square feet of on-site play space featuring  mixed, men-only and women-only play spaces.

      SUNDAY BRUNCH: $22.50:  Hardy Haberman will be the Keynote Speaker. Hardy has been an active participant in the SM/Leather community since the mid-70s and is a well-known filmmaker, author and speaker on leather and SM topics.

      VOLUNTEERS:  Become one of our volunteers: save money on registration and we receive your needed service! In exchange for 6 hours of your volunteer time, we'll provide a regular registration worth $99 (play party and Sunday Brunch not included).  For positions and more information, click on the "Registration & Volunteering" tab on our website.

      SPONSORSHIP:  For the first time in its history, South Plains is offering Sponsorships!  Whether you own a business, lead a group or just want to show support of South Plains, we've got a sponsorship level that's right for you.  For more info, visit our Sponsors page at http://www.southplainsleatherfest.com/sponsors.php

      VENDORS:  South Plains offers a diverse selection of vendors each year with spaces starting at $175.  If interested, visit our vendors page at http://www.southplainsleatherfest.com/vendors.php

      FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you've got more questions:

      Website:  http://www.southplainsleatherfest.com

      Email:       southplainsleatherfest@...

      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=122179574497169