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  • Entertainment-Industry-Jobs@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 1, 2013
      Wisconsin Areas - NEED CASH for those unused items you own?

      Here is a Wisconsin web site to promote the sale or rent of
      your personal property and/or real estate. Ads will continue
      for at least one year or until you request it be removed.

      Post your items or services for sale, and/or items or
      services wanted, on our group broadcast messages for FREE!

      Our group is moderated, so we control what is posted to
      prevent unwanted language or items, that morally mature
      persons don�t want to see.

      Our group is for Wisconsin residents and persons who have
      services or items that would benefit Wisconsin residents.
      All postings MUST identify where the item or service is
      located (City or similar governmental unit).

      We will accept �for profit� and business owner postings, as
      long as the sender explains, how the item or service will
      benefit the group members, if they purchase.

      All postings are subject to moderator approval which can be
      withheld for any or even no reason.

      Go to:


      We recommended that you select:

      Web Only - Don't get notified of the latest happenings. Read
      messages only on the web.

      If you don't want to be sent Emails or:

      Daily Digest
      The option to choose if you want to see all messages but
      limit the amount of email you receive. We'll compile an
      email of up to 25 messages and send daily (special notices
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