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  • khale maryam
    I Wish You . . . When you re lonely I wish you LOVE. When you re sad I wish you JOY. When you re discouraged I wish you HOPE. When life is stressful I wish you
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
      I Wish You . . .
      When you're lonely            
                   I wish you LOVE.  

        When you're sad                  
                I wish you JOY.  

      When you're discouraged  
                   I wish you HOPE.  

      When life is stressful         
                                   I wish you inner SILENCE.   

        When your spirit is empty   
                                    I wish you simple BEAUTY.   

      When you're troubled       
                        I wish you PEACE.     

      Measure of LOVE is loving without Measure

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