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A sign of "Talk to the hand"

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  • khale maryam
    Hi Dear Friends How are you? I have attached a sign of thalk to the hand for you, specially for online_girl64 and i should be thankful of Foad and Mr
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2007
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      Hi Dear Friends
      How are you?
      I have attached a sign of "thalk to the hand" for you, specially for online_girl64
      and i should be thankful of "Foad" and "Mr Mesri" for talking about this phrase
      Hope to be happy

      foad sareer <foad_sareer@...> wrote:
      Hello online_girl64,
      Welcome to this group.
      You are right. This group can be very useful for english learners.
      Now the meaning of Talk to the hand:
      "Talk to the hand" (or "tell it to the hand") is an English language slang phrase as a contemptuous and urbanized way of saying that no one is listening, and is often extended to a phrase such as "Talk to the hand, because the ear's not listening" or "Talk to the hand, (be)cause the face don't understand".
      "Talk to the hand" is often considered to be an annoying phrase, and is commonly associated with urban youths, especially women, as well as teenage valley girls who adopted it. 
      "Talk to the hand" has its own associated gestures. It is normally performed by placing one hand on the hip, rolling the eyes, and flipping the head back with the nose pointed upward. The other hand is placed in or near (by a spiralling motion) the face of the recipient to signify the refusal to listen.
      You can see the image if you look it up in google.


      online_girl64 <regen.engel@ gmail.com> wrote:
      hey u guys, finally some one steped up and made this group , so
      everyone in here has a pretty good English ! that's great ! sounded
      like a dream land for me, anyhow,. dose any of u know what " talk to
      the hand " mean ? if u do plz let me know, thanks u guys !

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