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Re: [EngFor] persons/people

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  • Vessela Vassileva
    Hi Jack, just wanted to say that it s humankind, not personkind. Personkind is ridiculous, of course, but man-this and man-that can be quite irritating
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 1, 2001
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      Hi Jack,
      just wanted to say that it's humankind, not
      Personkind is ridiculous, of course, but man-this and
      man-that can be quite irritating sometimes...
      Vesela (from Bulgaria)
      --- jackwaller@... wrote:
      Nowadays, people use person when they're trying to be
      politically <BR>
      correct, for instance, instead of manpower they'll say
      person power, <BR>
      or person hole for manhole--they think using
      "man" specifies men and <BR>
      does not include women, which in my opinion is not
      correct. We have <BR>
      "mankind" and we all know that that includes
      men, women, and <BR>
      children!!! "Personkind" really sounds
      stupid to me.<BR>
      >  > In theory, persons is the plural of
      person when it is used specifically,<BR>
      >>  while people is the plural when used
      generally. For instance:<BR>
      >>  Those two persons standing there have
      been watching me.<BR>
      >>  The people of France are enthusiastic
      about sports.<BR>
      >>  However, in reality, most if not all
      English speakers use people in all<BR>
      >>  cases. I personally have never once in
      my life said persons while speaking<BR>
      >>  naturally and normally.<BR>
      >>  People is also a singular word which
      means the members of a specific<BR>
      >>  cultural entity: We Gaels are a
      peaceful people. It has its own plural<BR>
      >>  used in this way, peoples: The
      Blackfeet Indians are made up of several<BR>
      >>  individual peoples, including the Nez
      Perce and the Sioux.<BR>
      >>  People can also be a verb meaning to
      populate: God ordered Ahab (or<BR>
      >>  to people the world.<BR>
      >>  It can also be used to mean kin,
      relations, or folk: I've got people down<BR>
      >>  Cork.<BR>
      >>  As you can see, people is a real word
      with many many uses, while persons<BR>
      >>  used by no one save lawyers and
      politicians. It should be easy to decide<BR>
      >>  which to use.<BR>
      >>  David<BR>
      >Thank you for your comprehensive explications. Now
      I understand the<BR>
      >difference between these two words.<BR>


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