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Fw: Information about the people in my fanily tree

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  • Helen Bristol
    Rest of scans as hit the send too soon. ... From: Helen Bristol To: edward bristol ; eddie endacott
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 16, 2013
    Rest of scans as hit the send too soon.

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    Subject: Information about the people in my fanily tree

    Hello every one !!! This e mail includes information either  sent by Richard Endacott USA or his father Paul Endacott by way of David Endacott of Ashburton Devon England. Some of it was very old and very faded. A few days ago I sent a retyped version of only part of this so you have already seen it. It was so faded that I thought it impossible to scan. It will be located on the top left corner of the entire family tree.

    Much of this was made on 4 large sheets of paper that were taped together to form a family tree.I had to take it apart and have each page reduced for scanning. You will probably still have to use your computer enlarger to be able to read some of it. It was old and very yellow.

    One is a typed version because there was no other way to preserve when it was typed as we do today It is about great Grand father William Endacott and was written by his nephew Paul Endacott as how Paul ended up in America.  My great grand father William came first then was joined by Paul's father Frank.

    There a cute family story about why Frank came. William had proposed to Catharine with also a promise of a honey moon trip to England. On their honey moon  Frank was so taken my Catharine he asked if she had a sister which of course she did. He returned to Lawrence , Kansas USA and Frank did indeed marry his sister in law's sister. The brother's worked side by side in a horse collar factory and each family had 6 children. That makes 12 double first cousins.

    One is an explanation of codes referring to names.

    It does not add any new names but includes interesting information about some the people on the tree. The tree was evidently complied by Paul Endacott and given to a member of David Endacott's Family and he returned it to me.

    It includes information about name changing  and Endacotts marrying other Endacotts.

     Hope each of you enjoy reading about your ancestors.

    I have tried to pre answer questions but may be sparking a few.

                                                              Helen Bristol

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