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Re: [Endicott_Gen] Re: Endicotts in the War of 1812

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  • Gordon Harmon
    Kyle and Others   Here is what some of us are attempting to do REF: The  Endicott Family Contribution in the War of 1812. We think that this is important not
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2011
      Kyle and Others
      Here is what some of us are attempting to do REF: The  Endicott Family Contribution in the War of 1812. We think that this is important not only to preserve the military service and records of our Endicotts, but also a means to research and celebrate with the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 coming next year and to cover this topic in the Endicott Lecture Series during the 2012 Endicott Cousins Reunion----June 17-22, 2012 with the Lecture Series being on June 20 on campus at Endicott College.
      BREAKING NEWS: Today, I learned that the President of Endicott College, Dr. Wylie, has graciously offered his estate home (Beechwood) on the campus of Endicott College and will host our New England Clam Bake. What a New England Tradition!!!!!!!
      REF: War of 1812: A couple of things, some of which have been mentioned before
      1. We have the article completed for submission to the Kentucky Historical Society Quarterly - Kentucky Pioneers. This article is entitled:
      The Kentucky Endicotts' Contribution in the War of 1812. Most of you should be aware of the memorial stone we put up in June, 2008 at the Poseyville Cemetery, Poseyville IN to honor those 6 Endicotts who served in the War of 1812 from Kentucky.
      2. As far as the New Jersey and Massachusetts boys. We are now working the MATRIX, similar to the one we did for the Kentucky Endicotts, to verify all of the various pieces of information that is researched and discovered. The matrix helps sort out all of the pieces that various folks have, some of which appears for now.to be obvious duplications and erroneous information. It is not in any too many instances that a valuable source document is mentioned like the John Endicott of Candada who served on the British side. Ancestry.com is not reliable, but a source to check and verify from a host of other sources. We will do what we can to check and verify more reliable and credible sources to help build the story on the Endicotts of New Jersey and Massachusetts who served also in the War of 1812.. The internet is one source, but not reliable or credible.
      We believe, for now, that we have the 6 New Jersey (War of 1812) Endicotts identified in the Endicott family and their descent from the Governor ---- 6th Generation.
      Anyone out there in Endicott land have any information ----- that has not been previously submitted ----- on any Endicotts in the War of 1812 and want to help with this research project???
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      Subject: [Endicott_Gen] Re: Endicotts in the War of 1812


      Joseph Endicott, First Lieutenant
      John Endicott, Second Lieutenant
      William Endicott, First Sergeant
      Benjamin Endicott, private
      Jacob Endicott, private
      Nicholas Endicott, private
      CAPTAIN ROBERT SMITH’S ARTILLERY COMPANY was enrolled May 1, 1814, and was attached to the Second Battalion, Third Regiment, Gloucester Brigade, and discharged February 19, 1815. The following was the rank and file:
      Robert Smith
      First Lieutenant.
      Joseph Endicott.
      Second Lieutenant.
      John Endicott.
      First Sergeant.
      William Endicott.
      Levi Smallwood.
      Nehemiah Morse.
      Joseph Kindle.
      James Smith
      Daniel Kindle, Sr.
      Malcolm McCollum.
      Joseph Shores.
      Samuel McCollum.
      Joseph Johnson.
      Reuben Mathis.
      Leed Risley.
      Evy Adams.
      Mahlon Homan.
      John Adams.
      Isaac Horn.
      Thomas Adams.
      Daniel Ireland.
      Joab Bates.
      Vincent Ireland.
      Joseph Bell.
      William Johnson.
      William Bennett.
      Daniel Kindle, Jr.
      James Blackman.
      Thomas Kindle.
      John Bowen.
      Cornelius Leeds.
      Joseph Bowen.
      Jesse Leeds.
      John Brewer.
      Reuben Leeds.
      Joshua Burnet.
      Besiah Mathis
      George Clifton.
      Daniel McCollum.
      Absalom Conover.
      Jesse McCollum.
      Adam Conover.
      John McCollum.
      Eliakim Conover.
      Samuel McCollum.
      James Conover.
      Joab Morse.
      Job Conover.
      Joshua Morse.
      John Conover.
      Thomas S. Murphy.
      Josiah Conover.
      Daniel Newberry.
      Micajah Conover.
      Solomon Newberry.
      Peter Conover.
      Jesse Parker.
      Somers Conover.
      Eli Risley.
      William Conover.
      John Risley.
      Daniel Cordery.
      Daniel Scull.
      Edmund Cordery.
      Gideon Scull.
      Samuel Delap.
      James Scull.
      Abner Doughty.
      Paul Scull.
      John Doughty.
      David Shores.
      Nathaniel Doughty.
      Samuel Smallwood.
      Thomas Doughty.
      Isaac Smith.
      Benjamin Endicott.
      Jonathan Smith.
      Jacob Endicott.
      Noah Smith.
      Nicholas Endicott.
      Joseph Somers.
      Joseph Garwood.
      Richard Somers.
      James Giberson.
      William Somers.
      Jesse Giberson.
      Benjamin Sooy.
      John Giberson.
      Nicholas Sooy.
      Huston Grapevine.
      Samuel Sooy.
      Aaron Hewitt.
      Reed Steelman.
      Absalom Higbee.
      Eli Strickland.
      Edward Higbee.
      John Strickland.
      Enoch Higbee.
      Samuel Strickland.
      Daniel Homan.
      Aaron Thomas.
      Eli Homan.
      John Turner.
      David Homan.
      Vincent Weeks.
      Total: Three officer, one hundred and four enlisted men.
      ================= From:  http://www.angelfire.com/ky/Endicott/1812.html

      Joseph Nation Endicott

      -Served in Captain Colemans Company from August of 1813 to November of 1813. Enlisted in Harrison County, Kentucky.Took Part in the Battle of the Thames; Some people might not be aware that the Battle took place in Ontario along side the Thames River; Joseph N. Endicott's widow was Rebecca B. Hart nee Thompson, widow of Bartlett Hart.  His first wife was Elizabeth Varner.  Joseph was 6 ft. tall or about, with a light complexion, light hair and blue eyes.  In his Affidavit to Claim Pension Certificate he states "he enlisted in Capt. James Coleman's Co." and it was a volunteer regiment..."That he was in the battle of the Thames Canada.  That Tecumseh was killed in front of the company of which he was a member...".  Tecumseh was a brigadier general in command of the Indian allies with the British so this was a very significant event.  On the Affidavits from the County Clerk and a Grandson of the Veteran concerning the marriage of the veteran, we find that his grandson was Raymond W. Endicott who testified to being present at the marriage of Rebecca Hart and Joseph Nation Endicott in Franklin Co., Ill. "and that the said marriage was celebrated by Thomas B. Hampton a then acting Justice of the Peace, in the Co. of Franklin" 1 Dec. 1870.  Raymond W. Endicott was living with his grandfather at the time of the marriage.
      Joseph Nation Endicott's Involvement in the War of 1812:
      Portrait of Tecumseh and his words
      Article concerning the account of Tecumseh's death

      William Endicott

      (born 1789). Served from Woodford County, under Captain Tom Lewis.

      Joseph Endecott

      b 12/6/1784 NC...served.My notes state he was with Col Richard Johnson's Reg. Mounted Ky Inf. Capt. James Coleman Co. This Co was in the Battle of the Thames...Oct 5, 1813. He is buried in Cynthiana, IN in a family cemetry...It was rededicated just this past year by the So Ill DAR chapter. They went in and cleaned it up and did some much needed repairs. This is a med size family plot, contains maybe 30 family members. Joseph and wife stones are the large ones in the rear of the plot.

      John Endicott

      Captured and held as a prisoner of war.

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