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Sir Edwin Entecott of England

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  • Gordon Harmon
    Thought everyone might enjoy the latest missive from Edwin Entecott of England. We correspond quite often. I will answer Edwin later in the day. Gordon
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2003
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      Thought everyone might enjoy the latest missive from Edwin Entecott of England. We correspond quite often. I will answer Edwin later in the day.
      ps...Have answered Chris on the status of the second printing of the Endecott-Endicott Family History, 2002...Copyright. Have NO fear. It is being done.
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      Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 12:16 AM
      Subject: Re: Sir Edwin

      So glad the little booklet arrived OK and that you think it will be useful. I suspect Tony Blair is a bit too busy at present to entertain me to tea and buns, but I am sure he appreciates fully the sentiments of the American people towards his support of the action in Iraq. Incidentally, a good many years ago I worked on drawings for the Baghdad refinery, so I was a bit concerned that it might get blown away. However that does not seem to have been the case; not yet anyway.  I also worked on drawings for the jetties for the nuclear submarine base at Faslane in Scotland. No doubt those ships are on station in the gulf right now....just in case they are needed.
      If it can be arranged we would be delighted to meet you when you visit Dorset and Devon next year. We just got back from six weeks in New Zealand (My Dutch wife calls it van Dieman's Land!) and Tasmania, touring and meeting friends. The main one was a former school mate I last saw in 1945 when we got back home after being evacuated to Somerset while the German V1's and V2's were attacking us in the South East. So we had a 48th year re-union. We toured the North and South Islands, meeting friends in Christchurch and Wellington, and going on to see former neighbours who now live in Hobart.
      We had a merry time with lots of unusual (For us) food sampled. Coming home via Singapore was a bit worrying with all this Sads illness about, especially as the plane seemed to be full of people sneezing and coughing, and it took 13 hours. Very boring. However all the various flights were on time, and everything went well apart from a collision with another car which could easily have been more serious. But we all survived, and our plans were not disrupted.
      My friend in New Zealand had a distinguished career latterly as the secretary to the NZ cabinet, being a barrister and Queen's Councillor. He had previously worked for Prime Ministers Lord Hume, and Mr. Macmillan, before he left for NZ. so we had some interesting discussions....not all of them agreements, I have to say!  They were decidedly against the action in Iraq.
      In Hobart our friend there was the Dean of the University, as well as a Medical Professor, awarded the Order of Australia. So there as well we had some interesting talks. By the time we got there we were somewhat weary, so only explored the city a little, and did some more eating and drinking. To be truthful he was not the brightest pupil in the class at school, so I am not sure how he rose to such dizzy heights, or where I went wrong.
      In Christchurch our friends are folks we met in Austria when we were on holiday some 30 years back. We have been in contact ever since, and met often when they were living in England.
      I just came up from watching the news and listening to Col. North at Baghdad Airport. I was reminded of your prophesy that the Iraqis would try to draw the troops into a street fight. It is clear now that the army men are well aware of this and are acting accordingly. Without air cover Saddam's men hardly have a chance.
      Having lived through a war, being bombed myself was not an experience to savour, so one has to feel sorry that this action is necessary. Many people clearly do not see it that way, but the way the army and air forces have run the campaign will, I suspect, be a model for any future such wars.
      I was appalled at the actions of the French. They tend to call us "Perfidious Albion" but I believe they are more insular than we ever were. Germany is not so surprising, considering their recent history. I would really have much rather seen UN holding the line instead of revealing themselves as an expensive talking shop with no cohesion. To me, and to most people except lawyers, 1441 was pretty clear in its meaning and threat, and should have been good enough. (If not, why did the legal draghtsmen not get it right first time?) Time was wasted and gave the other lot even more time to place their defences to readyiness. In the event this has not availed them much, but our troops could have done without heat and sandstorms. I have experienced the latter in Egypt, and it was not enjoyable.
      There then. I seem to have got a bit carried away. Sorry about that. Let us hope there is a quick end to the nastiness, and a permanent resolution of the problems in those regions. That could well be the more difficult bit.
      All good wishes, see you in the chip shop next year, DV.
      Edwin. (Now demoted from 'Sir' to 'Acting unpaid assistant to the housewife')
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      Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 8:12 PM
      Subject: Sir Edwin

      Yesterday in the USA post...I received the booklet on Devon. Thank you, kind Sir.
      Devon. Ordance Survey Discovery Guide (with survey maps). 1993 
      This will be a great reference as I plan my trip to Devon in August, 2004 IF the creek dont rise as we say across the pond.
      I would most enjoy the opportunity to treat you and your wife to some fish and chips while in Jolly Ole England. What say ye?
      I appreciate all of the many goodies that you have sent from the homeland over the past couple of years.....They are greatly appreciated and enjoyed....Keep em coming.
      And, remember..."Always May the Sun Shine Upon Your Face and the Wind Be At Your Back".
      Your Almost Cousin
      ps...Give Tony Blair an "attaboy" next time you are at 10 Downing Street having a spot of tea. 
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