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Re: [Endicott_Gen] Military records - NARA

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  • Chris Scott
    (sorry...I should have changed the subject line on the first email) In case anyone receives an email about NARA destroying military records.... Archives Not
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2004
      (sorry...I should have changed the subject line on the first email)

      In case anyone receives an email about NARA destroying military

      Archives Not Destroying Military Personnel Files

      By Jim Garamone
      American Forces Press Service

      WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2004 – The National Archives and Records
      is not destroying any military records, officials here said.

      The agency is trying to counter an Internet rumor that advised veterans
      apply for their Official Military Personnel Files to save them from

      There is no truth to this "urban legend" being perpetuated on the Web.
      heard it about a month ago," said Susan Cooper, the archive's public

      The records are stored at the National Personnel Records Center in St.
      Officials there said that there has been an uptick in the number of
      requesting their records. This takes time away from other legitimate
      requests –
      such as veterans requesting separation documents or medical records.

      "We have a limited number of people to do the work and anything that
      ramps the
      requests up this quickly is a big production issue with us," said John
      Constance, NARA's director of congressional and public affairs.

      Archivists are digitizing some records, Cooper said. "We are going to
      some of them for reference and preservation," she said. "When records
      handled frequently, it causes some wear and tear. The idea is to
      preserve (the
      records), not destroy them." Officials emphasize that the paper records

      NARA preserves and protects the files because they are permanently
      records that document the essential evidence of military service for

      Bottom line: If you receive this sort of e-mail, ignore it. Your military
      records are safe.

      Related Sites:
      National Archives and Records Administration [http://
      National Personnel Records Center [http://www.archives.gov/facilities/

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