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4587re: Endicott Pear Trees

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  • Kyle Elwood
    Mar 18, 2014
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      Hi everyone,

      When communicating regarding the Endicott Pear Trees,
      please communicate directly to me via my email and not
      through the forum....in order to keep unnecessary personal
      communications out of forum messaging.

      Communications to me will not necessarily be answered
      immediately (but within a few days I hope) as I have a full-time
      job and am receiving a fair amount of communications
      regarding the trees and there is a lot of organizational
      activity associated with this endeavor particularly around
      shipping season (this Saturday I have to drive up to
      Portland, Oregon to retrieve the new grafts).

      The survivors of the 24 new grafts we will be receiving
      this weekend will not be ready for shipping until fall
      of this year or spring of 2015 (direct pick-up is possible
      sooner). Graft viability usually is determined by survival
      beyond June. Sometimes we lose one or two during the
      heat of summer in the first year. So, some of the orders
      coming in at this time may have to wait for the maturation
      and survival of these new grafts....as the 30+ surplus
      stated includes these new grafts.

      I will follow this communication with another one that
      has the most recent update regarding the Endicott Trees
      and how to order (see attachment to that email).

      The treasurer of the E.F.A. is the initial recipient of these
      orders (Cindy) and she updates me with a list of the newly
      paid orders. Prioritization of shipping is mostly determined
      by the date of receipt of the orders. Individuals who live
      close enough to Salem, Oregon to pick their trees up
      directly from me save on shipping charges and are not
      limited to spring and fall shipping times and can hand
      select from the available trees.

      Thanks for your interest in the Endicott Pear Trees!


      Kyle Elwood
      Endicott Pear Tree Project Manager
      email: kreede@...
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