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4537Re: [Endicott_Gen] Some Updates from Gordon S. Harmon

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    Dec 5, 2013
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      still here

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      Merry Christmas to all on the Endecott
      Martha Pike
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      Hi All on the Endicott Gen
      Since the redesign of the
      yahoo Endicott Gen is not very user friendly these days to try to upload
      files to the files section, I am sending this update...as an attachment direct
      to the Gen list.
      Update: November 22, 2013 Endicott Pear
      Tree Scion Grafting Project
      . The old version has been deleted in
      the files section.
      I suspect if there are any addtional updates
      or corrections, the Project Manager will let us know.
      In the
      meantime, A Very Merry Christmas to ALL.
      Gordon S.
      Springfield, MO
      ps....Since the Gen seems pretty quite
      these days, perhaps its time for another ROLL CALL. Are you
      The soon to be released Endecott-Endicott Family
      Association, Inc. Journal - Our Endicott Heritage Trail
      Fall-Winter, 2013 Vol. 9 No. 2
      will have some very exciting
      results of the year long (2013) Devonshire, County Devon,
      England research on the exact ancestry on Governor John Endecott
      (1588-1665). In some areas, it continues as a work in progress into
       Part of this research will show the Indecott family connection
      of Marldon, Devonshire (these includes the three brothers John, Gilbert and
      William who migrated to the Mass Bay Colony ca. 1666 and were contemporaries
      of the Governor's sons, John and Dr. Zerrubbabel) to the Endecott family
      connection of Stoke-in-Teignhead, Devonshire. This was made possible from
      finding some very important original primary source documents in the
      Devon Archival Centre in Exeter, Devon, England in October, 2013.

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