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on the availability of the recipes at dayboards/feasts

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  • Aneleda Falconbridge
    Sorry to have not been able to go to the meeting, but I like the discussion that s happening with the how to be all things to all people thing. I like the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2005
      Sorry to have not been able to go to the meeting, but I like the
      discussion that's happening with the "how to be all things to all
      people" thing.

      I like the idea of having the recipes available at the event (not
      necessarily before - but I'm not a planning kind of girl anyway) so
      that people can look through and see what is in each dish. Example:
      someone I know hates nutmeg. If there's a lot of nutmeg in a dish it
      will go to waste, because he won't eat it. So having the recipes
      available lets someone look at it and decide befoer they get a heaping

      Also I'm reminded that at Jahan's event this past spring I made a big
      carrot leek soup - I memorized the ingredients, but someone actually
      asked me what kind of veggie boullion I used!!! When I said "better
      than boullion" veggie stock stuff, she was delighted - apparently
      she's allergic to something in other, more processed, boullion! Then
      about 5 people asked me for the recipe....It was at that point that I
      thought - wow - I probably should have this all written down someplace
      where people can see it!

      We could just have cards in front of the food, or have the recipes in
      a binder or something - or make a chalkboard that we can use over and
      over. I agree with Bryn that it's sensible for dietary reasons, and
      that it's also good as documentation.

      I love the idea.

      And I bought two brocade tabelcoths for the guild. Forest green and

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