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Re: [Endewearde_cooks] TOL food

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  • Margaret Rochester
    I m sorry if I came across snarky before.  For this event, I will be bringing:   1. dessert for the potluck 2. lunch or dayboard augmentation 3. significant
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 4, 2012
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      I'm sorry if I came across snarky before.  For this event, I will be bringing:
      1. dessert for the potluck
      2. lunch or dayboard augmentation
      3. significant feast augmentation
      None of this is a problem.  I am quite looking forward to providing these.
      The problem is that this is all cost and effort, and that adding a food fundraiser on top of it is one too many things for me.

      From: Sylvia Ferrell <sylviaf@...>
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      Subject: [Endewearde_cooks] TOL food

      Hey cooks,

      I would like to clarify the food situation at TOL.

      I had decided quite some time ago that, should I be chosen to host TOL, we would do something different with the food service.  I wished to do so for the following reasons:

      Cost - I want to run this event cheaper, even if only for this year

      Ease - I wanted this event to not be a labor intensive one.

      Different than before - because I think it is good to shake things up.  And, to be honest, I don't think I will continue running this event for a bazillion years and would prefer not to pigeon hole future autocrats into certain structures.

      I like stew - and thought a meal of stew and bread would be lovely and satisfying, but what do I know... :-)

      And finally - I have found with past TOLs that the day board tended to have a lot of leftovers, probably because people who were not there early setting up often ate before arrival and supper is generally very early at this event.  Between the two, people ate, but not in great amounts.

      All of these decisions, including my budget submission and acceptance by the budget committee, happened prior to my knowing that Their Highnesses would be in attendance.

      Frankly, I think people would have been very pleased with what was originally planned, despite it being "different.". And, rest assured, no one would have gone hungry because, well, this is Endewearde after all!  :-)

      In any case, Leo is restructuring a bit to make our meal more Feast-like, which is perfectly fine because she is in charge of food and is pretty awesome that way.  I appreciate everyone supporting her as she works to provide us with a lovely meal.  

      If this guild decides to provide additional food as a fund easier, I am good with that.  Gwillim is pretty excellent at keeping me informed which may help as we get closer to the event.  If you choose not to offer food, that will be fine too.  

      I encourage you all to come to me directly if there are lingering questions or concerns.  I am happy to address them and will work to make sure people are happy and well fed to the best of my abilities.  That is, after all, my job as autocrat.

      (Who is enjoying a weekend away from home with Vey and no children!). :-)

    • lord_gwillim
      OK, so I guess THIS fundraiser isn t going to happen. ::sigh:: Gwillim
      Message 2 of 11 , Feb 6, 2012
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        OK, so I guess THIS fundraiser isn't going to happen. ::sigh::

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