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Re: Cooks' Guild Meeting results

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  • Leofwyn
    My Soup - I didn t find a recipe for this soup, I just sort of made it up, which isn t unusual for me. First I was supposed to do something with Fava Beans.
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 25, 2008
      My Soup -

      I didn't find a recipe for this soup, I just sort of made it up, which
      isn't unusual for me.

      First I was supposed to do something with Fava Beans. But I couldn't
      find any - I am sure that The Natural Living Center in Bangor has
      some, but they didn't have any at the Natural Foods Center in Hampden,
      which is closer to home for me. They did say that they do carry them
      sometimes though.

      I cut up some fresh garlic (about 8 to 10 cloves) and one large sweet
      onion. I sauteed them in margarine and let them simmer while I cut up
      carrots and celery. I also fried 4 slices of bacon. Added the veggies,
      bacon, the leaves from a sprig of fresh savory, and about 4 oz. sliced
      baby portabello mushrooms, letting them simmer for a bit more,
      eventually adding 2 cans of cannelli beans, a large container of beef
      broth, a small can of veggie broth, about 1/2 cup fresh cut up
      spinach, and a little bit of the bacon grease, just for flavor. Then I
      added salt and a little more garlic powder just because that is the
      way I roll. :)

      I simmered the very vegetable rich soup until the carrots were tender.

      And it was a good soup. My mother said that she hadn't had that many
      veggies in one sitting in quite awhile.

      Bronwen's Pomeges:

      The recipe calls for - 1 quart of red or sweet wine, with v or vi
      (whatever that means), apples peeled and cored. Boil the apples in the
      wine until the apples are tender with thinly sliced white bread for
      thickening. When the apples are tender push the resulting mass through
      a strainer, boil again with a faire amount of sugar, 1 oz of cinnamon
      and 1/2 of 1/4th of an oz (why not just say 1/8th of an oz?) of
      ginger. Boil until desired consistency. Put into serving bowls,
      sprinkle with sugar dredge with cinnamon and ginger.

      We used a bottle of reisling and 1/2 a bottle of chardonnay, and just
      a touch of blueberry wine from the Winterport Winery. Bronwen cut up
      about 10 or 12 apples, peeling, quartering and coring them.

      It came out like apple sauce, and quite sweet tart. We wonder if it
      shouldn't have come out thicker, more like a bread pudding. And it was
      such an intense flavor we decided to throw some french vanilla ice
      cream on top - it was yummy!


      --- In Endewearde_cooks@yahoogroups.com, "Leofwyn" <elamache@...> wrote:
      > The Cooks' Guild meeting consisted of myself, Bronwen, the twins -
      > Alex and Zach, Rhona, and my mother Ginny.
      > I made a savory soup thick with veggies, and beans (couldn't find fava
      > beans, so we used cannelli beans).
      > with bread and honey butter
      > cheddar cheese,
      > for dessert we had pomeges.
      > Look for the photos in the photos file, I am calling it Leo's Cooks'
      > Guild Meeting 2008.
      > Leo
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