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  • Irene
    Jul 16, 2012
      Hello Aneleda and Sue!

      Sue; So glad to meet you ((virtually)). Perhaps sometime in the future we can meet in person.

      Aneleda; Thank you for not only welcoming me to the group but also sharing the meeting time and providing a rather nifty map. I would very much like to attend. Can you tell me if garb is required? As I don't have anything that would even pass for rudimentary garb yet. I may even drag my husband along.

      Poor man had to listen to me recite old recipes aloud over the weekend. I just loved the vernacular and how just speaking the words made me feel for a moment I was in another time.

      I did request to join the regular Endewearde group here on yahoo but have not yet been approved for membership.

      Have a grand evening,

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