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439Brew U Dayboard report

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  • kenduskeagstream
    Apr 1, 2012
      Here is the Brew-U dayboard report, with more detail than you really care about. Hopefully this will help future autocrats and dayboard planners.

      I was given $75 and asked to make something for about 75 people. I went over budget, spending about $125 total. Some of that I figured on i.e., I wanted to make dishes with cheese, but cheese is expensive. I also went over budget because I was fighting a cold for the past week. It is cheaper to shop around and go to Hannaford, Sam's, Walmart and the Commissary to purchase the cheap stuff at each store, but I felt yucky, so one stop shopping was my method, though it cost me.

      We had about 40 sedentary adults at the event. The dayboard was set up nearby, but not within direct line of sight of the food. Active people eat more. Kids eat more. Everyone eats more if they can see the food. They ate about 18 hard boiled eggs, 18 pickled eggs, 3 onion quiches, 4 mushroom tarts, 6 loaves of bread, 3 pounds of carrots, 3 English cucumbers, 2 things of celery, 6 pounds of grapes, 1 ½ pounds of honey butter and ½ pound of herbed margarine. I made more than that, but that is more or less what had been consumed by the time of dayboard cleanup. The leftovers were sent upstairs for evening snacking and breakfast.

      I did most of the work on Friday before the event, however all the eggs were dealt with earlier than that. My husband made pie crusts (he is awesome like that). My kids kept the kitchen as clean as they could. And I had a volunteer make two pies and some bread at her home. Friday was about 7 hours of work – 8 loaves of bread, 6 quiche, 6 tarts, butters and one last minute shopping run. Saturday morning the veggies were prepped.

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