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433Re: food sale

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  • lord_gwillim
    Feb 3, 2012
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      Hey all. So far, I haven't seen or heard a lot of interest in working on this fundraiser for Their Highnesses. Are you interested and willing and able to help? In order for this to be worth anybody's effort, we need at least a few folks willing to donate some food items to sell at TOL, and a few folks willing to spend a little time at a table selling the stuff.

      I'm willing and able to make and donate a bunch a meat pies. They would be cooked, wrapped in foil, and frozen and labeled with suggested re-heating instructions. I, too, am willing to spend some time at a table selling.

      We're coming up on the point where we have to make a decision on this. Anybody else willing to step up to help make this happen?

      In Service,
      Lord Gwillim
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