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425Re: Follow-up on Meeting

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  • leofwynofwhit
    Jan 11, 2012
      in regards to making and donating stuff yourselves and getting a receipt, that receipt could be claimed on your taxes....so it isn't an immediate return. But it's certainly something to consider.

      At this moment - in regards to TOL/dayboard/evening board - it is a relaxed/easy one this time...sort of. :) Lady Sylvia asked me to tone it down a notch this time (my words, not hers) and serve stews/soups and breads. And to serve more appetizer style/light refreshments for dayboard or rather have a running dayboard all day. A few goodies out here and a few goodies out there....so people can pick up a celery stick with some dip and move on...etc. So the plan for me is to start earlier in the week - making soups/stews and freezing them. I am making pies too on the 21st/22nd and freezing those as well. So I am not really going to stress about prepping for this one. I might like to have a few hands during the day for TOL for serving, cutting, presenting, etc. :) Consider this a quest for volunteers. Although we are going to have to some help with the food sale too.

      And even though I am cooking for the dayboard/evening board for TOL. I will whip up something to include for the food sale. Gwillim had mentioned that he thought he would make some pies and freeze them, selling them frozen so that people could buy them, put them in their cars (where they would presumably stay frozen) and then take them home. I might do the same Gwillim. Make some pies and freeze them. Or make bread dough and freeze that. So yes, you have one victim...um...volunteer donating to the cause. Anyone else game?


      --- In Endewearde_cooks@yahoogroups.com, "lord_gwillim" <bhubbard491@...> wrote:
      > Hey all. As promised, here's a recap of last night's discussion...
      > We talked about getting the guild members more involved in the dayboards and feasts at out events. It was agreed that menus would be left up to the feast steward, NOT the guild. There were thoughts about gathering in a single kitchen to share the work ahead of time. There were thoughts of passing out portions of ingredients so that members could do prep in their own kitchen with a particular recipe. There were thoughts about members donating items on the menu and getting a receipt for the donation.
      > We also talked about doing a fundraiser food sale at TOL with proceeds going to TRH who will have to pay for the food at this year's State Dinner out of pocket. We agreed to stick with period recipes for what we donate, but the items could range from pies to cookies. Everything must be prepped to sell/travel. I'm certainly up for this. Anyone else? I'd like to get some commitment on this before I start hitting up the autocrat about it (though she's on this list so she knows about it now).
      > Lord Gwillim
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