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Re: I'm looking for a dress - BUT NOT FOR ME!!!!-

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  • Wendi
    I like castlegardencreations.com They do very good work, quality, period, and well priced. I also know Mel has a gown from Sophie s Stitches. Mardens has
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 10, 2009
      I like castlegardencreations.com They do very good work, quality,
      period, and well priced. I also know Mel has a gown from Sophie's

      Mardens has some tapestry and brocades right now for $3.99 per yard in

      She is also welcomed to come browse my closet. I have lots of styles
      and she could see if she wanted to borrow anything. I am unconcerned
      about her ruining anything. If she just wants to try styles, that's
      fine, too. I'm 36" and 29" these clothes are somewhat adjustable, so
      if you think they would fit, let me know. I have quite a lot and
      would be happy to share.

      Let me know,

      --- In EndeweardeTailor@yahoogroups.com, L T <ladybrynmillar@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Do you have any time period or style in mind for the ladies garb (or
      price range?).
      > You can get good serviceable garb through some of these links
      (outside of Maine)
      > www.renstore.com
      > twill bodices hold up pretty well (I have two) - in basic colors
      > good basic Ren starter clothes if you get a chemise, bodice and
      > skirt. All three pieces could be worn with her regular wardrobe
      > if she doesn't like the medieval recreation (the chemise becomes
      > a nightie; wear bodice unlaced with jeans and a t-shirt
      > and a long skirt makes a nice dressy long skirt).
      > Easy to mail order something and get the "Standard Wench" look
      > in nice basic colors. Easiest to merge into your everyday wardrobe.
      > I started with blue and green bodices and got a black skirt.
      > Wear it over a white chemise.
      > www.historicenterprises.com (more authentic and more $$$$)
      > linens... nice but plain stuff.. good to use as visual guide
      > if sewing your own clothes. Earlier period clothing.
      > http://www.thornyrose.com/ladys.html
      > usually at Birka - she gathers her skirts to the waistband rather
      > than selling the simpler drawstring skirt (and the skirts are
      > a bit heavier twill). It makes for a better overall fit and costs
      > about the same. Nice bodices in a variety of sizes. Simple
      > cotton chemises. I have a nice skirt (twill) and bodice
      > (polyester outside/cotton lining) from this shop.
      > Some polyester or poly/cotton but it looks ok. I think you need to
      > see the stock in person to see the variety of bodices available.
      > The bodice I bought was lined with another material.
      > The purple jumper style dress at the bottom of this link with
      > a chemise would feel sufficiently "dressy" to her and would
      > suit a slender figure like hers. It will be cotton though
      > unless you get the fancier fabric which *might* be a heavier
      > polyester (my best guess).
      > A cloak as a cover up will make her more comfortable at Tourney of
      Love and is another good wardrobe piece. You can add a lining inside a
      cloak if you need something warmer.
      > I think most of us realize that if you want really nice garb
      eventually you will make your own. The hardest part can be finding
      decent materials to work with that doesn't make you feel as though you
      are wearing Granny's couch cushion covers to an event (patterns from
      the home decor section of the fabric store). There is a limited supply
      of linen at JoAnns Fabric (on sale at 30% off per yard), a place near
      Fairfield (I think) to get wool, and several mail order sources that
      sells nice wools, linens, silks, and cottons for a decent price.
      > I agree about cotton not being very pleasant for cold winter wear
      here in Maine. I'd only worry about being a bit chilly at TOL if
      standing near an open doorway in a direct blast of cold air- the
      building will be well heated and there will be many people present. No
      doubt the fighters and fencers will appreciate it if the room isn't
      too overheated that day.
      > I suggest she picks out a couple of styles that she likes and then
      see what is would cost to make or to purchase the items. Sometimes it
      is easiest to purchase a few fitted pieces if you are just learning to
      sew. Count on having to hem any item to fit her. She might be game to
      make something once she knows what styles she likes best.
      > Don't forget to reserve for feast and bring your own feastgear for
      the event.
      > Bryn
      > --- On Fri, 1/9/09, Jason <jbgood789@...> wrote:
      > Hi folks,
      > My Girlfriend has agreed to come to her very first SCA event, the
      > TOL. I've already spoken to some of the people that are probably on
      > this list about dressing her; Brian/Mel, Leo, Analalita...
      > Gold Key has nothing in size 8 and she doesn't want to borrow an
      > appropriate dress as she is worried to death about damaging or
      > staining something that isn't hers.
      > So, we are now on the path of looking for a dress that we can buy,
      > either new or used. We've been looking at online sites where the
      > prices are within our range. We are worried about the quality of
      > dresses. When you don't really know the online provider it's
      > difficult to trust.
      > Does anyone know of anyone in Maine that makes simple 'starter'
      > dresses? Know of anyone that is selling size 8 ish (we can have it
      > taken in) used dresses?
      > Anyone have experience with a particular online site that would allow
      > me to feel a little more comfortable in dealing with them?
      > I've used Cloak and Dagger once and it was a good experience, However
      > it's all pretty thin Cotton material, not so great for a cold Brick
      > Church event... but it will do if we have no other suggestions.
      > I so want this to be a positive experience so she'll come back with a
      > smile! =)
      > thank you,
      > Neville Sudlow
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