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What weather / garb type for Fort Knox?

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  • Jen
    Hello ^_^
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2007
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      Hello >^_^<

      Sorry if anyone's getting this twice. I posted it on the main list,
      but then I thought maybe this one could help.

      I'm trying to make a new dress this week, and I'm wondering what I
      should be ready for this weekend at Fort Knox.

      I'm making a cotton muslin underdress, and I'm not sure if I should
      make the overdress out of some similar type of cotton fabric, or maybe
      something a little thicker if I can find it, or if I should use a
      single layer of flannel (I was planning a 2-layer flannel dress for
      the Hunt).

      I tend to be cold when other people wouldn't be, so sometimes it's
      hard to plan.

      ~ Jen
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