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  • Wendi
    Hi, Myrrah hasn t been in contact, yet, but she sounds like a great resource. Thanks, Analeda. I ve been driving my husband nuts with my research. I ordered
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 7, 2007
      Myrrah hasn't been in contact, yet, but she sounds like a great
      resource. Thanks, Analeda.

      I've been driving my husband nuts with my research. I ordered some
      belly dancing videos which are egyptian. Hmm. Egyptian dancing in
      persian or turkish garb, which may or may not be period... It does
      sound like belly dancing in the SCA may be one of those Creative
      endeavors, as Marge suggested.

      Then I got to thinking, which gets me into heaps of trouble. I only
      go to GNEW, and it's usually hot. Last time I went, I was very
      uncomfortable and thought an Indian sari would be better for the heat.
      After fussing with the material, though, I think I would step on it
      and it would fall apart. (I actually read that fussing with the folds
      was part of the allure, pish!) So, I while I was on the topic of
      non-regional non-period garb for belly dance, I started researching
      warm weather garb for perhaps a new persona. Which has me all atwitter.

      Cate's suggestion of courtesan garb, was fun, but I didn't mention it
      to my husband who would kill me (since he doesn't do the SCA thing).
      Although, it did just force me to watch Dangerous Beauty again. There
      are a lot of interesting discussions on-line as to the authenticity of
      the costuming used.

      Anyway, here's where I get to my point, really. I am seriously
      considering developing a Vietnamese persona, Nuyet (Snow White, it's a
      real name and couldn't be more appropriate). The garb is warm weather
      friendly and would be easy to dance in. Plus, nothing is exposed that
      I (and Keith) would rather keep hidden. He did complain that it was
      fitted, even if it did cover neck to ankle. Well, obviously I cannot
      talk to him about garb!

      This has been very fun. My second choice is the non-under-bust
      Persian coat. There is nice one at castlegardencreations.com (You
      may recognize my large fur sleeved tudor gown there, also.) They do
      very good custom work, are concerned about accuracy, and are fairly
      priced. (But I just like to look at the pretty pictures for inspiration.)

      In kindness, Gwen.

      --- In EndeweardeTailor@yahoogroups.com, "Lady Aneleda Cytheria
      Falconbridge" <aneleda@...> wrote:
      > Gwen,
      > You may want to pop an email off to Myrrah about this - I attended a
      > fancy hafla with her at Pennsic and she had a lot of comments about
      > the garb we'd seen at other dancing events - this one I guess tended
      > to have more folks in period garb for bellydance, and fewer of the
      > SCA-Tribal bellydancers.
      > Plus, she teaches dance, and makes all the costumes for her dancers,
      > and is a great resource for this sort of thing. I also learned that
      > bellydance by women in period would never have been done in the
      > company of men - it was a female only celebration (or a male-only
      > celebration!) and that changes some of the "rules" of what was
      > considered appropriate.
      > Email her, she's full o' brains!
      > Aneleda
      > --- In EndeweardeTailor@yahoogroups.com, "Wendi"
      > <lobster_kelaguen@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi,
      > > I've been trying to research what to wear to an SCA event for belly
      > dancing. These two
      > > things seem to be mutually exclusive garb-wise. I've read that
      > showing one's belly and
      > > underbust coats are not period...but neither is belly dancing
      > amongst English country
      > > nobles. I realize that perhaps this is where the Creative aspect
      > comes in. Anyway, I
      > > looked into Turkish, Persian, Indian (who don't belly dance, but
      > whose garb looks the
      > > closest) and other subcategories of the Ottoman Empire. Although
      > I've put very little effort
      > > into limiting my persona, I do want to stay at least semi-period in
      > the clothes I choose.
      > > So, besides total disregard for period dancing garb, what do people
      > out there do?
      > >
      > > Should I also point out that this is strictly academic at this
      > point, as my dancing ability is
      > > too limited to be revealed outside my livingroom? But, if there
      > was really neat garb
      > > involved, I might practice more.
      > >
      > > Kindness,
      > > Gwen.
      > >
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