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Fabric notes

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  • Kelley
    I thought this was helpful - it s from the Curious Frau (http://www.curiousfrau.com/Articles/intro_costuming.htm): Fabric Wool Always period, if a little warm
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2006
      I thought this was helpful - it's from the Curious Frau

      Always period, if a little warm in hot climates. Keywords to look for
      when purchasing online: broadcloth, tabby, worsted, flannel, tropical
      weight worsted.

      Silk comes in many different weights and weaves, from light as down
      to a heavy full bodied satin. Interlining silk with linen can give it
      more body and help it hang better. Keywords to look for when
      purchasing online: Satin, poplin, broadcloth, twill, shantung,
      brocade, taffeta, faille, repp, habotai. Silk noile is controversial
      as a period fabric, as is duponi in some circles.

      While there are not many extant outer garments made from linen, there
      are a few! Linen is undeniably documentable for underwear, linings in
      garments, stockings and ladies headcoverings. Its a good fabric for
      hot days since it keeps you cool.

      Fabric to avoid
      Anything knit, jersey fabrics, rayon or polyester. Striped fabric is
      not documentable for the German lands, although fabric pieced into
      stripes is, go figure.

      There were no chemical or aniline dyes during the 16th century, but
      they still wore plenty of color. Reds, pinks, yellows, oranges,
      greens, blues, browns, blacks, greys are all represented in period
      artwork. A good resource on what colors can be obtained with natural
      dyes is the book Wild Color

      Online Fabric Sources
      Good selection of Linen in a wide variety of colors. Nice selection
      of white linen in various weights and lots of rich colors in heavy
      weights. Their linen is only slightly more expensive than Fabrics-
      store, about a dollar a yard, but nicer quality. Be sure and also
      check out their great Italian cotton velvets and nice silks.

      Wonderful selection of linen at good prices, never had any trouble
      with customer service and very prompt delivery.

      Wide selection of linen, silk and wool in a wide variety in prices.
      Be sure and get on their mailing list so you are notified of their $5
      a yard sales.

      Has occasional fantastic sales on merino wool and silk. Definitely
      get on the email list so you find out about the sales
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