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837Re: sewing Machine

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  • nevell_sudlow
    Nov 16, 2010
      The Machine may have been claimed. I will know in monday after Project Night.


      --- In EndeweardeTailor@yahoogroups.com, "nevell_sudlow" <jbgood789@...> wrote:
      > Hi folks,
      > I have an older Kenmore Sewing Machine... I weighs a ton... looks complete. I bought it with the intent of having it serviced and then using it but since then I have purchased a brand new one and I have a 1950's era....
      > If you want to take this machine, play with it and see if it works, maybe have it serviced, I think it will be a work horse. It is from the 60's era....
      > I'll put it out to this group first, then to the Endewearde group and lastly to the Free cycle group that I frequent.... it's bound to go fast....
      > let me know within the next day or two ... it will be posted on the Endewearde group list on Wednesday and then on Free cycle on Friday if no takers before then....
      > get it while they're hot!
      > Nev.
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