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930Re: Future of Unity Dance Workshops

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  • Lord Gwillim Kynith
    May 20, 2010
      To Cate and Sara et al. You are correct. The past couple of weeks, M'Lady and I have been unavailable, between Bridge Investiture and the typical summer rush. We just can't make Sundays work on a regular schedule. I think that Mel was just trying to confirm whether there was a dance workshop happening.

      Since no one has stepped up to run the workshops (I am >NOT< being snarky here), it doesn't make sense to keep them going. You guys just can't count on us to do it all summer since we'll be more off than on.

      Sara, I'll get that package of material together for you over the next week or so and you can proceed as you wish.

      In Service,
      Lord Gwillim, Dancemaster Endewearde
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