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Ender's Review of the Web, Jan. 25-31, 2004

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  • Tom Ender
    Big Fish; Bush Legacy; Surviving The Fall; New Boogeymen; these articles have their titles and text in this color and are featured this week in - Ender s
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      Big Fish; Bush LegacySurviving The FallNew Boogeymen; these articles have their titles and text in this color and are featured this week in -
      Ender's Review of the Web
      Web articles of likely interest to individualists found during the week of Jan. 25-31, 2004.
      Comments and suggestions on the content and structure of this review are welcome. To accommodate such discussion I have created a Yahoo group for it. That group is ERevD: EnderReviewDiscussion. Feel free to jump in there at any time.
      I am happy to receive addresses of potential readers of Ender's Review who might like to receive a few trial issues and an invitation to subscribe. Or, if you prefer, please, forward this e-mail to those you think might be interested, with the subscription information at the bottom intact
      Political Liberty
      Articles showing a positive influence of political action on the cause of Liberty.
      Congress Cannot Be Appointed
              by  Rep. Ron Paul from Antiwar.com
      "Legislation I cosponsored, recently passed by the House Judiciary committee, will enable congressional districts around the nation to hold emergency elections without resorting to political appointments."
      Freedom and Its Supposed Liabilities
              by Tibor R. Machan from Strike The Root
      "But because strong fences exist between us in a free society­-we, as adults at least, need to choose to be with others for an association to exist, we cannot be lumped together by tyrants or even the majority­-in the end we can leave those who mess up to stew in their own juices. "
      Political Gimmicks Won't Increase Freedom
              by Steven Greenhut from LewRockwell.com
      "People do change their minds, they do shift their thinking, even if they are reluctant to change their affiliations. I have a 'left-wing' friend who agrees with me about war, regulation, many areas of freedom. I have 'right-wing' friends who agree with me also. Who really cares what they call themselves?"
      Life in Amerika
      Articles depicting the negative impact of politics on Liberty.
      America the Unfree
              by Paul Craig Roberts from LewRockwell.com
      "Slaves in that situation were as free as today's American taxpayer to choose their housing from the available stock, purchase their food and clothing, and entertain themselves. In fact, they were freer than today's American taxpayer. By hard work and thrift, they could save enough to purchase their freedom. No American today can purchase his freedom from the IRS."
      A 'right' to someone else's labor?
              by Vin Suprynowicz from Las Vegas Review-Journal
      "This is not a merely theoretical formulation. American doctors today have little more freedom to set their own prices and withhold their services at will, once they 'volunteer' to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients."
      The First Lie
              by John C. Bonifaz from TomPaine.com
      "Now more than ever, the Constitution and the rule of law must apply. And, now more than ever, the truth must be told. The first lie about the Iraq war was not that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or ties to Al Qaeda. The first lie told to the American people is that Congress voted for this war."
      Ordered Liberty without the State
      Some people say it's Anarchy, some say it's not possible. It is an interesting topic.
      Anarchist Finance, or What Price Ancapistan?
              by Mark Gillespie from Strike The Root
      "A mutual savings and credit association (MSCA) is the perfect solution on many levels.  For one, they are mostly unregulated.  They are not banks.  Secondly, they can operate using whatever currency they wish.  Thirdly, because of the mutual aspect of the association, there is an emphasis upon shared responsibility and shared profits."
      The Constitution Is Not The Answer
              by Michael Gaddy from The Price Of Liberty
      "If the Constitution truly had the built in protections to prevent opportunistic politicians from abusing it, we would not be in the mess we are today. There is a very good reason the Patriot who said, 'give me liberty or give me death' refused to sign that document."
      Unchaining Liberty
              by Butler Shaffer from LewRockwell.com
      "We are conditioned through the schools, the media, the state, and other institutions to fear our own autonomy, and to transfer control over our behavior to external agencies."
      Spreading Decentralism
      Articles demonstrating an increase in the dispersal of power.
      Surviving the Fall of the State
              by William S. Lind from LewRockwell.com
      "As I have said to David more than once, what he and other Amish are doing is preserving an understanding of how to live in reality for the time when all the virtual realities collapse."
      The case for local currencies (Part Two)
              from Indian Country
      "Local currencies don't make earning a living any easier, for labor must back the Ithaca Hour - that is its value. But the point is: it makes it possible to labor for profit where the dollar economy might not."
      What the Change in Germany Means
              by Frank X. Vogelgesang from Ludwig von Mises Institute
      "So much more so when the institutional structure forms an overbearing state and a society with marked corporatist traits. Every attempted reform calls into action the defenders of the status quo who do have something to lose."
      The New World Hegemon
      Depictions of the coming Imperial power
      Give You Liberty or Give You Death
              by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. from LewRockwell.com
      "The Iraqi people are free so long as they say and do only what the occupation military government tells them to do. ... If you think that is striking enough...consider something even more alarming: the US doesn't consider this abnormal."
      Ground Zero
              by Chris Floyd from TheMoscowTimes.com
      "Thus we come to this unavoidable conclusion: The Bush Regime launched a war of aggression on the basis of evidence that had to be, by its very nature, insubstantial, insufficient, false. "
      Eerie similarities
              by Malcolm Reynolds from The Last Ditch
      "So how does any of that [recent Yugoslavian history] remind me of the United State nowadays? Increasing socialism, political correctness run rampant, rabid attacks on culture and tradition as 'hate', and the constant promotion of hyphenated people over 'ordinary' Americans ring a few bells."
      Politics by Other Means
      War, rumors of war, and politicians fomenting war.
      Will Dubya Dump Dick?
              by Jim Lobe from AlterNet
      "Ongoing disclosures about Cheney's role in the drive to war in Iraq and other controversial administration plans reveal him as not the much-touted moderate but an extremist who constantly pushed for the most radical policies."
      Campaign Clich├ęs
              by Jesse Walker from Reason
      "But there's one candidate with a very solid chance of beating Bush. His name is George W. Bush. Four years ago, the person who did the most to defeat Al Gore was Al Gore; the same was arguably true of Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis, and Walter Mondale before him."
      Vote Here, Pay Later
              by Dorothy Anne Seese from Ether Zone
      "The last man to run for president who really wanted to change things in America was Barry Goldwater and he was soundly beaten by socialist Lyndon B. Johnson. "
      Spontaneous Order
      Articles showing decentralized successes.
      Morality and the market
              by Gurcharan Das from The Times Of India
      "Friedrich Hayek, the Noble laureate, called the market a spontaneous order -- it is natural for human beings to exchange goods and services and in the process every society evolved money, laws, conventions and morals to guide behaviour in the marketplace."
      Move Aside, NASA
              by Edward L. Hudgins from Cato Institute
      "If Americans are again to walk on the moon and make their way to Mars, NASA will actually need to be downsized and the private sector allowed to lead the way to the next frontier."
      Need a Ride? Try Freedom and the Free Market 
              by Scott McPherson from The Future of Freedom Foundation
      "The only thing in need of reform is our cultural dependence on government to solve our problems. No one has a right to the services of another. As free people, we should be able to control our own destinies, even if that means doing things or behaving in ways that others find offensive, wrong, or even discriminatory."
      Nonspontaneous Disorder
      Articles showing centrally planned disasters.
      Leave The Internet Alone
              by James K. Glassman from Capitol Hill Blue
      "But companies with an interest in maintaining that traditional system are complaining that VoIP [Voice over Internet] is not really an Internet application. It's more like a long-distance phone call. So it's subject to rules and expensive access fees that will jack up costs to consumers and kill VoIP in the cradle."
      Forensic evidence in the dock 
              from NewScientist.com
      "Contrary to what is generally thought, there is little scientific basis for assuming that any two supposedly identical fingerprints unequivocally come from the same person."
      Perpetual Debt: From the British Empire to the American Hegemon
              by H.A. Scott Trask from Ludwig von Mises Institute
      "Since Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole's introduction of the funding system inEngland during the 1720s, the secret was out that government debt need never be repaid. Just create a regular and dependable source of revenue and use it to pay the annual interest and the principal of maturing bonds."
      War Is The Health Of The State
      War is the ultimate State intervention in society.
      Bush Pursues Big-Gov Nanny State
              by Radley Balko from FOX News
      "Early 20th century journalist and World War I protester Randolph Bourne famously wrote that 'war is the health of the state.' The reason why politicians declare 'war' on intangibles like drugs or poverty is because a 'war' mentality implies that the problem in question is so serious that the traditional rules of interaction between the governing and the governed need to be suspended."
      The New Boogeymen
              by Russell Madden from Atlas Magazine
      "The State obsesses about terrorists who can do only comparatively limited and minor damage around the peripheries of our society then tells us we must sanction its explosive growth in order to do what it should have done long ago; a classic example of failure rewarded."
      Recalling Pol Pot's Terror, But Forgetting His Backers
              by John Pilger from LewRockwell.com
      "The genocide in Cambodia did not begin on April 17 1975, 'Year Zero.' It began more than five years earlier when American bombers killed an estimated 600,000 Cambodians."
      Bits of History
      The Past seen with a fresh look.
      'Free' Education and Literacy
              by Barry Dean Simpson from Ludwig von Mises Institute
      "...[T]he charge of illiteracy in a fee-based or privatized system seems to be weak at best, considering the history of education in America and England."
      Lincoln's Civil War Against New York
              by John Chodes from SouthernEvents.org
      "Between 1861 and 1865 there were two wars being fought simultaneously in the United States by Abraham Lincoln and his Republican administration. The first was to prevent the independence of the seceded Southern states. The second was a civil war in the North upon the six states controlled by the Democratic Party: New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin."
      Do These Deficits Look Familiar?
              by Jonathan Rauch from Reason
      "Repairing the fiscal breach would require Bush to set priorities and make trade-offs, something he, like Nixon, has been conspicuously reluctant to do."
      War and Peace
      Articles showing the nature of War.
      Leak Against This War - Expose the Lies from the Inside
              by Daniel Ellsberg from CounterPunch
      "Later that afternoon, I turned to the radio man, a wiry African American kid who looked too thin to be lugging his 75lb radio, and asked: 'By any chance, do you ever feel like the redcoats?' Without missing a beat he said, in a drawl: 'I've been thinking that ... all ... day.' You couldn't miss the comparison if you'd gone to grade school in America."
      Send the Children of Politicians to the Front Lines?
              by Stanley Kober from Cato Institute
      "One of the great challenges facing a democracy -- indeed, any society -- is the connection between the military and civilian society. Any sense of inequality and inequity is bound to erode that connection."
      The United States and World War I
              by John J. Dwyer from LewRockwell.com
      "Wilson went so far as to campaign for re-election in 1916 with the slogan, 'He kept us out of war.' Less than ninety days after beginning his second term, however, he called upon Congress for a declaration of war against Germany in order to 'make the world safe for democracy.'"
      Great Individuals In History
      Some people stand out from the crowd.
      Pamphleteer/Radical - Tom Paine: Jan. 29, 1737
              by Joseph R. Stromberg from Antiwar.com
      "In commercial and other voluntary arrangements, society -- that is people -- takes care of itself. By contrast, 'governments, so far from being always the cause or means of order, are often the destruction of it.'"
      Comedian/Juggler - W. C. Fields: Jan. 29, 1880
              from People of Pennsylvania
      "His bulbous nose, raspy voice, and his delivery of mischieivous caustic witticisms became the trademarks of his film career. Often providing the script for the films' comedic skits himself, W.C. Fields had become a top star in the motion picture industry."
      Author/anarchist - Edward Abbey: Jan. 29, 1927
              from AbbeyWeb
      "...Edward Abbey was offered a major award by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Abbey declined the honor; he had plans to run a river in Idaho the week of the award ceremony.... "
      Books, Movies, TV, Media, Music, poetry, etc.
      Reynolds Dons Spacesuit 
              from SCI FI Wire
      "Oscar-nominated writer David Reynolds (Finding Nemo) has closed a deal to adapt Robert A. Heinlein's SF classic Have Spacesuit, Will Travel for Warner Brothers, according to The Hollywood Reporter."
      The Everyman's Artist: A Review of 'Big Fish'
              by Ryan McMaken from LewRockwell.com
      This film is a comedic celebration of life, people and relationships. Tim Burton has crafted a fine piece of cinema which I expect to be popular a very long time. The acting and casting are outstanding. I saw the movie recently and recommend it as well as this review of it.
      American Icon series - Clint Eastwood
              Interview by Dennis McCafferty from USA Weekend
      "I don't see myself as conservative, but I'm not ultra-leftist. You build a philosophy of your own. I like the libertarian view, which is to leave everyone alone."

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