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Re: Marshall Circle recordings on Riverside 10" lp-this may be the only issue

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  • Luigi Ranalli
    You re right, Adam! Those recordings by Roberts come from that CD (I agree Sutton did better recordings elsewhere). Unfortunately, the recording by Euday
    Message 1 of 16 , Dec 1, 2005
      You're right, Adam! Those recordings by Roberts come from that CD (I
      agree Sutton did better recordings elsewhere).
      Unfortunately, the recording by Euday Bowman I uploaded for the group
      is the only one I have. I read about some other recordings by Bowman
      in a site (here's the link:
      http://www.hensteeth.com/e_discog/euday.html )
      I like very much Euday Bowman's playing, but I think I prefer Brun
      Campbell, who is less accurate but can improvise more and has a great
      bounciness in his playing.
      Thank you very much for the precious information about the issue of
      Marshall's recordings of 1959: it seems that he played the last
      strain of "Little Jack's Rag" and another unidentified tune.
      Terry Waldo had a disc of recordings by Arthur Marshall, but that was
      destroyed by the postal service (!); fortunately, it seems the about
      one minute of the disc is save and still listenable (I hope it'll be
      included in that issue by Waldo).
      If there's interest, I can try to upload for the group ragtime
      recordings by Brun Campbell, Will Ezell, Mike Bernard, Charlie
      Thompson, Arnold Wiley, Roy Spangler, Dink Johnson...
      Sorry for the very long message!
      In the Red Hot Jazz Archive site there's a rag played by a pianist
      called Sonny Clay in 1925. The title is "Punishing The Piano" and it
      requires realplayer to be heard.
      Here's the link:
      This rollicking performance makes me think that according to Charlie
      Thompson, Artie Matthews was the fastest pianist he ever heard.
      Best RAGards

      --- In EliteSyncopations@yahoogroups.com, "ragtime_adam"
      <ragtime_adam@y...> wrote:
      > I had a chance to ask Trebor Tichenor about the recordings of
      Marshall made
      > in '50 by Circle of his Silver Arrow (Rocket?), Missouri Romp, and
      > Prize, among other not mentioned tunes. He said that the recordings
      > apparently were never made, it never happened. Just like Artie
      > didn't end up recording. I think Trebor got this info right from
      Rudi Blesh, so I
      > assume it's true.
      > I then proceded to ask Trebor about the interview/concert he taped
      of Marshal
      > in Sedalia in '59. He said that Terry Waldo is issuing them on CD.
      I suppose I
      > was too excited to ask when or on what label, I now wish I had
      asked. There is
      > also supposed to be an unpublished two strain song/rag by Marshall
      > Terry Waldo is transcribing. So... There are existing recordings of
      > Marshall!! Although Trebor did mentioned it was about two months
      after a
      > stroke and Marshall could barely play.
      > About the Euday Bowman recording... I didn't know such a recording
      > exsisted!! Thanks for bringing it up Luigi! Do you have any other
      recordings of
      > Euday Bowman? Would LOVE to hear any. His style strikes me as
      similar to
      > Brun Campbell's, although I think Bowman is better than Campbell.
      Oh, and
      > all the recordings of Luckey Roberts are on a really great
      overlooked CD,
      > called Luckey Roberts & Ralph Sutton "The Circle Recordings." It's
      not Ralph
      > Sutton's best stuff, but it is a great CD just for the six Luckey
      Roberts sides.
      > Adam
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