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Re: Arduino: Solid State Relay or other, to turn on ....?

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  • basicpoke
    Why not just use a regular relay? See the schematic in the files section, folder BasicPoke s files , then the file is called RelayBoard... . You could
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      Why not just use a regular relay? See the schematic in the files section, folder 'BasicPoke's files', then the file is called 'RelayBoard...'. You could replace the transistor with an optoisolator for more protection. The LED and R4 are just for an indicator light. And with a relay you will hear a nice click when it turns on & off, which I like.

      --- In Electronics_101@yahoogroups.com, "Frank P" <qz9090@...> wrote:
      > I would like to automate the seedling/plant watering process for my
      patio garden and was hoping for some input.
      > I would like to take some sensor input (light, temp or moisture content) and provide that to an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. With this input, I would like the Arduino to start a pump or other electronic device to water my plants, etc.
      > Although I understand the mechanics of my plan, I have not had the opportunity to work with an Arduino or any other similar device.
      > The first hurdle I have come to is how to take my 120V AC (U.S.) and switch on a pump. I assumed I might use a solid state relay (SSR) but am open to suggestions. If it is recommended that I should use a SSR, how do I spec one? What should I look for? Is there anything I need to consider to protect my "Arduino", myself, my home (so I don't burn it down), etc.?
      > Some key requirements for me are:
      > - size (smaller the better)
      > - ability to turn on multiple devices (lights, water, fan, etc.)
      > - cost (this is for plants, the less the better)
      > - weather resistance (it might be installed outside)
      > - ease of development and installation
      > Any input would be appreciated, thanks.
      > Frank P.
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