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    Do you know anybody who did that, some contact or web addressess. ... ethernet ... problem. This ... bandwidths. ... regarding the ... their ... grassy
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 3, 2001
      Do you know anybody who did that, some contact or web addressess.

      --- In Electronics_101@y..., Tavys Ashcroft <bigtex@c...> wrote:
      > >I am also planning to make a device which can be connected to an
      > >card doing the same thing, eliminating wires. This also has a
      problem. This
      > >needs a high quality tranciever which can handle very high
      > >
      > >If you can help me please send me some additional information
      regarding the
      > >circuits I can use .
      > Some students at UC Davis where I used to go had set up their own
      > wireless ethernet that way. They hooked up their dorm computer's
      > ethernet to a transceiver and put a microwave antenna on top of
      > dorm building. Then with a laptop they could go anywhere on campus
      > and pick up the two-way connection. Just like ethernet, no wires.
      > All dorm computers there had shared T1 connection, so it was very
      > fast. It was a hoot to see streaming video in the middle of a
      > field.
      > I didn't find out much about what they actually did, but I know it
      > sure is possible.
      > -Tavys
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