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Re: [Electronics_101] Best Microprocessor

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  • jong kung
    ... While we are at it, don t forget the AVR-Butterfly (using Atmel chip) as eval kit.  It is mostly programmed in C or Assembly (but the programming IDE is
    Message 1 of 32 , Dec 1, 2010
      > I would suggest you look at least at Atmel, Microchip PIC, TI (maybe

      > MSP430 they make a very cheap eval/programming kit).

      While we are at it, don't forget the AVR-Butterfly (using Atmel chip) as eval kit.  It is mostly programmed in C or Assembly (but the programming IDE is free).  The AVR-Butterfly is only about $20 and comes with built in memory, LCD screen, a tiny joystick, real time clock and few other features.

      The other option not to leave out are the Basic chips (Parallax's Basic Stamp and Pix-Axe).  While they may lack programming power (speed and flexibility) if ease of programming is the most important (i.e. first project) this maybe the way to go.  There are also Basic compile for the PIC chips (besides other) that you can do almost as much as C programs.  The other draw back to these chips are that they may be expensive (compared to other chips - or the basic compiler is a major investment for first timer).  Basic stamp has TONS OF FREE education material online for download (with or without any purchase - and if you follow the example they are easy to learn uC programming).

      Another chip you may consider is the SX chip (also vended by Parallax).  It is really fast and powerful.  One company exist solely to sell a "retro video game board" using SX chip.  It is fast enough to generate on the fly video signal.  Retro because it doesn't use too many support chips but rely on the uC to generate video and even audio signals.  You also learn a lot about how video is generated and time critical programming is done.  The drawback here is that most of it (especially the time critical programming) is done in assembly - even though Parallax give away FREE BASIC FULL FEATURED compiler for other type of programming.


      Again, what is your approx need (speed, cost, ease of programming, etc.)?  Don't just say "yes, I want it to be fast, cheap and easy to programming".   You'll need to say something more like "I want to eventually mass manufacture my Wiz-Bang toy, so each uC should be below $x or cheaper" and "I can do C programming but I want to stay away from Assembly and Basic".

      Be specific to what you need and what you think you can do.


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    • jong kung
      Hi Kerim, We discuss Politics and Religion off-line (gladly and fondly too).  Those subjects are a No-No here.  It has been known to divide. ... I can t say.
      Message 32 of 32 , Dec 9, 2010
        Hi Kerim,

        We discuss Politics and Religion off-line (gladly and fondly too).  Those subjects are a No-No here.  It has been known to divide.


        > Is China like Korea? Because I have no sure idea about Korea :)

        I can't say. I visited Hong Kong and that's it.  But I went there the the semi-annual electronics trade show.  It is live and thriving.  In the 4 days I was there, I basically could not see it all, and I could not bring back enough information flier that each company was giving away (mostly 1 single sheet x thousands).  At the end of 4 days, I had to buy a travel luggage just to bring back the fliers I accepted.  Remember this wasn't even all the companies - just the companies for project my friend was interested.

        They have electronics companies to supply the needs at every level.  If you are an inventor and have an idea - but have no clues how to make it, they will take your idea and design it (and manufacture it too if you want).  If you know electronics then they can take your design and manufacturer it.  If you have suppliers, they can work with your suppliers to just assemble your new invention. 

        At any and every level - they will take on a project.  And I am talking about hundreds of companies.

        All the FRONT OFFICE is in Hong Kong. The actual manufacturing (labor) is done across the river in the actual Red-China.


        > After all, it is good that some doors are kept
        > open as this friendly global group.

        A good reason to keep politics out of this group. 


        > About my place in China, my job will be to give a
        > hand so that their new products will be able to
        > compete, in terms of cost and reliability, similar
        > Japanese and European ones in the least.

        There's an endemic problem in China (with quality control).  It is a national mindset of not being concerned with quality.  Compared that to Japan, the whole country seems to be more focused on putting out quality product (even at personal level).  The Japanese seems to have this feeling that if THEY (at a personal level) put out defective product they demeaned themselves - and it is a shameful thing.   That is actually a unique thing to Japanese (not found in Korea either - as far as I can tell).

        In fact I think that kind of quality was only found Swiss Watchmakers before.  It is rare quality.


        > Only perhaps after two years and when their sold
        > products will prove to have really a high ratio of quality/cost,

        When I last dealt with Hong Kong (and so China) everybody who dealt in Hong Kong felt there was a problem with product design copying.  You can pay a company to help you with a design.  The same company will turn around and sell that design to another company.  Basically you paid for the R&D and somebody else will benefits from it.


        > I have been told on TV, they are all anti-Kerim
        > which lets me wonder what I did wrong...
        > But perhaps our dear Jong knows :D

        TV ?  What am I missing ?

        As far as this group is concerned (from what I can tell), if you like electronics, you are a friend.



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