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Re: [Electronics_101] Resistance soldering?

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  • jong kung
    ... small scale. I think this is false (no offense Andrew).  I m no expert (by far) on welding, but I ve started to play with welding last year, and the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 2, 2010
      > Resistance soldering as I understand it is
      > basically arc welding on a
      small scale.

      I think this is false (no offense Andrew).  I'm no expert (by far) on welding, but I've started to play with welding last year, and the process is different.  In welding, the BASE metal is melted and bonded to other metal (often filler metal).  In soldering (and brazing) the base metal is bonded at the atomic level, but the base metal isn't melted. In soldering only the filler metal is melted.

      In welding, it often gets hot enough that the base metal actually form drops of molten metal drops (this is when done wrong).  When done correctly, the base metal glows red hot.  Cross sectional cut away of good weld will show melted base metal.


      In resistance soldering, the base metal heat up directly instead of the tip of the soldering iron heating then the heat being transferred. In soldering the filler metal is usually of lower melting temp (compared to base metal).


      There is a spot welding process that is similar to resistance welding, but at much higher current and uses no filler metal.  If you ever see automobile body construction assembly (using robotic arms), you might see large "pincher" that grabs 2 sheet metal and sparks fly.  Here the base metals (2 sheet metal) are quickly melted (using high current) and then let solidify.

      You often find these spot welding when 2 sheet metals are bonded (auto body, auto frame, home appliance, etc.) - you might see dots of bonded area.


      P.S.  To my welding buddies from welding_101 yahoo forum: if I got something wrong, please don't kick me out of the club.     :-)

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