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Re: new at electronics

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  • wotap16 <Sonar15@lycos.com>
    ... thanks alot for your help. =)
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 7, 2002
      --- In Electronics_101@yahoogroups.com, Henning Wright <
      mfem.geo@y...> wrote:
      > --- >
      > > I want to make a LED chaser for my stereo that turns
      > > on when I
      > > play a CD. The LED's would be in a Circular pattern.
      > >
      > > can some one take the time to tell me how to do
      > > this
      > Just a quick of the cuff idea:
      > The leds can be run from a decade-counter, (hope that
      > is the correct translation from swedish). The clock
      > for the counter could be enabled by a CMOS gate
      > connected to the output from the cdplayer, of course
      > assuming you have a stand-alone player, not using an
      > optical output. Havent tried the thing but I assume
      > the CMOS gate would draw an insignificant amount of
      > current so not to affect the sound
      > At least a stirting point for designing
      > Henning
      thanks alot for your help. =)

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