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Re: [Electronics_101] Re: new user

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  • Roy J. Tellason
    ... Well, here s a little thing with this software... At the bottom of the area where I m reading the posts is a doubled bar. It s doubled because when I
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 28, 2006
      On Thursday 29 June 2006 02:12 am, Bob Hyland-PMP wrote:
      > --- "Roy J. Tellason" <rtellason@...> wrote:
      > > PLEASE don't post in HTML here. I couldn't get anything at all out
      > > of your post...
      > *snip*
      > I did not either, and I sign on through the interface. I just assume
      > that he had nuthin' to say.... ;-)
      > Bob H.

      Well, here's a little thing with this software...

      At the bottom of the area where I'm reading the posts is a doubled bar. It's
      doubled because when I fire the program up I drag the one that's a bit up
      from the bottom all the way down, because normally I don't care to see
      what's in there.

      Looking at _your_ post, after dragging it back up a bit, I see the

      (Email icon) [Electronics_101] Re: new user multipart/alternative 7bit 17.5KB
      (Text icon) body part quoted-printable 265B
      (html icon) body part HTML page 14.1KB

      (Dragging things back where they were... :-)

      So even your post is for the most part HTML. Which is something I see as
      having no place in email, but that's neither here nor there. In the post
      in question, the size of the "text" part was _zero_ bytes. So I selected
      the HTML part and tried to view it. What the heck, I like to help when I
      can... But there was so much formatting, font information, and other junk
      in there I gave up.

      I'd be happy to talk to any new users that wanna chat, but they gotta work a
      little bit and send some _text_ along that I can respond to. Is that too
      much to ask, really?

      Member of the toughest, meanest, deadliest, most unrelenting -- and
      ablest -- form of life in this section of space, a critter that can
      be killed but can't be tamed. --Robert A. Heinlein, "The Puppet Masters"
      Information is more dangerous than cannon to a society ruled by lies. --James
      M Dakin
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