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Vision Programmer C++

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  • nitin rauji
    Job Position : Vision Programmer C++ Job Code : pcbindia/Jobs/114 Job Location : Singapore, Singapore Validity : 1 Apr, 2006 Job Description : We are
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      Job Position : Vision Programmer C++
      Job Code : pcbindia/Jobs/114
      Job Location : Singapore, Singapore
      Validity : 1 Apr, 2006
      Job Description : We are currently looking for
      experienced programmer for vision programming in C++
      and also machine operation.

      The person must have skills to program as follows:

      1. Design of system/electronics architecture for
      operating machine via PC and motion control cards.
      2. Machine operations - Moving machine parts via
      motion drive cards through I/O from PC
      3. Vision programming skill, like edge detection, to
      identify shapes
      out of a Field of View of a picture frame
      4. Mathematical capability to determine the centroid
      of a image, so that when image is away from the store
      centroid, software can drive the motion control to
      move the image to the desired stored position

      The requirement is basically to program a machine to
      perform the functions of the machine. The machine is
      for SMT application.

      The operator will load the machine with a PCB (Printed
      Circuit Board) or substrate. On this PCB there will be
      some marks (any shape or size) that will be store via
      teaching manually by operator the first time round.
      Subsequently, the machine should be able to go to a
      pre-taught position, camera captures image, software
      analyse and determine if the image is in the right
      place, if not, move the PCB table (table where the PCB
      is positioned) so that the centroid of the image is
      same as per the taught position. Typically, the marks
      on PCB, varies during manufacture of the PCB and there
      is tolerances from PCB to PCB. The software must be
      able to fix the position to the taught position so
      that the next process can be performed.

      We are looking for someone to perform this project on
      a term basis and if the programmer is found to have
      the right qualities, will be employed on permanent

      Education : Required Graduates
      Min Experience : 1 Years
      Max Experience : 9 Years
      Company Profile : Our client is a leading
      electronics equipment supplier, having presence in
      USA, Europe and Singapore. The singapore office
      supports the whole of the Asia-Pacific region in sales
      and service.

      The facility features a showroom displaying the
      standard range of product line, fully equipped
      training centre and workshop for both user and service
      training, including overhauling and rebuild machines.

      Pls. visit http://www.pcbindia.com/career/viewjobs.asp
      to view complete list of current positions.

      Or Contact :
      Nitin Raulji
      +91 9427342041

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