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Re: Motorola date code question

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  • alienrelics
    ... them. ... as Amigas. I agree, but everyone around here is so used to people tossing them that I can t even get 5 bucks for a 500. ... package ... You are
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 3, 2002
      --- In Electronics_101@y..., choaglin@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 3/2/02 2:34:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > Electronics_101@y... writes:
      > > I have a stack of Amiga 500's and 1000's with 8MHz 68000's in
      > >
      > Come on, don't tear Amigas up for them, those are much more useful
      as Amigas.

      I agree, but everyone around here is so used to people tossing them
      that I can't even get 5 bucks for a 500.

      > The 68000's in the Amigas are soldered down anyways, and a 64-pin
      > isn't much fun to remove.

      You are mistaken on this. Never been an Amiga built with a 68000
      soldered in. The 3000 on up have their processors soldered, though.
      But 1000, 2000, and 500 have their 68000's in sockets.

      Some of my 500's have other problems, anyway, and aren't worth
      fixing. The 8520 CIA chip blowing out from static is a very common
      problem. So I am happy to pull a working 68000 out.

      The local Amiga computer club used to complain incessently about the
      high prices at the now closed Amiga store. I collected a bunch of
      Amiga stuff and then announced my very low prices. 3 people came in
      over a year, and only one of them was from the local club. They've
      gotten so used to finding this stuff in thrift stores and having
      people toss it out, I can't get $10 for a refurb'd mouse (new
      buttons, cleaned out and guaranteed) or $5 for a power supply.

      I have a bunch of projects that I'd like to use these Amigas for. I
      just don't have the time. I joined a project late in the game, a full
      size Borg Alcove. I added some electronics and connected all the
      existing battery powered stuff up to one power supply. I want to put
      an Amiga 500 in it, and using Ace Basic and AREXX have a motion
      sensor trigger it to use the SAY function to speak Borg-like things
      and do some semi-random things. Move things, suddenly flash lights,
      stuff like that. Something like that could fit on a couple of

      Steve Greenfield
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