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Re: $50 Logic Analyzer

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  • rtstofer
    ... http://www.kronosrobotics.com/projects.shtml ... worked ... DTR. ... $50 ... This programming issue was all mine. It has been resolved and everything
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30 1:01 PM
      --- In Electronics_101@yahoogroups.com, "rtstofer" <rstofer@p...>
      > If you have need for an inexpensive 8 channel logic analyzer, you
      > might want to look at
      > Look down on the left side of the page.
      > Besides the analyzer function, it also has a signal generator
      > function and an 8 bit port monitor with indicators and beep
      > capablility with all displays on the PC. You can download the
      > software and run it without the hardware to get a look at the
      > capabilities.
      > I have a much more elegant logic analyzer but I thought this one
      > would be a kick so I built it for use designing yet another IR
      > Remote Control receiver/decoder. It has been very helpful.
      > I was not successful programming the chip through the port on the
      > Carrier 3 board. Fortunately, I had an EZ232 dongle and that
      > perfectly. The dongle is somewhat unusual in that it controls
      > Anyway, the dongle adds $10 to the project and blows through the
      > target.

      This programming issue was all mine. It has been resolved and
      everything works perfectly. Head up and locked...

      > If you have other resources, neither the dongle or the Carrier 3
      > board are necessary. The chip ($23) can be used in a breadboard
      > some other prototype board.
      > So, maybe a $25 logic analyzer - now that is a bargain!
      > I am certain the programming issue is my fault - I just don't know
      > what I was doing wrong. I have asked for guidance but, as it is
      > working, I don't really care how it comes out.
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