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Re: [Electronics_101] colloidal silver

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  • Jim Thibeault
    The colloidal silver that I have used is suspended in distilled water and available in a lot of health food stores, very expensive. My wife had psoriasis
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 2001
      The colloidal silver that I have used is suspended in distilled water and available in a lot of health food stores, very expensive. 
       My wife had psoriasis extremely bad on both of her arms for 5 years.  Nothing seemed to help, the doctors gave up.  She tried colloidal silver and the next morning most of the psoriasis was cleared up and hasn't come back, it's been 2 1/2 years.  I would like to make my own.
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      Subject: [Electronics_101] colloidal silver

      There was a post in the 'electronics_101' group requesting information on
      the construction of a machine that could make colloidal silver from Canadian

      Colloidal silver, or colloidal metals in general, are apparently fairly
      simple to make.  I've seen the details in at least one general chemistry
      textbook.  You'll have better luck in a older text.  It's my sense that the
      later textbooks have avoided the subject altogether because the authors
      don't wish to be held responsible for people making colloidal silver and
      then ingesting the stuff.  Apparently it's nominally harmless, but it turns
      your skin blue.  Permanently.

      Colloidal silver is a suspension of exceedingly small particles of metallic
      silver.  An electric arc or something on that order is used to reduce a
      small piece of solid silver to a powder whose particles are small enough to
      stay permanently in suspension in a liquid (I think they use water.)  The
      result is, oddly enough, a jelly-like substance called a colloid.  You can
      make colloids out of lot of different substances.  Gelatin is the only
      common one I can think of at the moment.  Colloids were a popular research
      topic some years ago.

      I first became familiar with the mystique of colloidal silver in 1999, when
      survivalists came out of the woods to preside over the coming Y2K disaster. 
      Colloidal silver, they said, is an excellent substitute for antibiotics,
      antibiotics which would be unavailable as the world descended into a
      thousand-year period of darkness after 1/1/2000.  So there was a lot of
      activity on the part of the true believers in the construction and sale of
      colloidal silver preparation devices.

      Like most fake science propositions, this one had a basis of truth somewhere
      back there.  Back before sulfa and penicillin, there were a number of
      preparations made of metals for antibiotic purposes.  The most famous of
      these was a treatment for syphillis made from mercury.
      Apparently colloidal silver can be used as an antiseptic.

      But the alternative medicine people got ahold of the idea and, as they tend
      to do, amplified it by several orders of magnitude.  Bacteria could not
      become immune to colloidal silver.  It cured all diseases.  And (of course)
      The Government and its running dogs, the Medical/Pharmaceutical
      Establishment, were suppressing information on the miraculous properties of
      colloidal silver, because you could make the stuff yourself.

      The whole thing seemed to be dying a quiet and well-deserved death when the
      medieval instincts of the populace were revived by the introduction of
      anthrax in the US Postal system.

      I don't think that there's presently any silver in Canadian coinage.

      M Kinsler
      512 E Mulberry St. Lancaster, Ohio USA 740 687 6368

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