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Capacitors - for fun this time!

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  • manifold
    Yesterday while looking up magnetron I came across this site: SCIENCE HOBBYIST Do This Now http://www.amasci.com/~billb/cgi-bin/instr/instr.html Which has
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7 10:48 AM
      Yesterday while looking up 'magnetron' I came across this site:

      "SCIENCE HOBBYIST Do This Now"

      Which has an incredible list of things that kids do like putting a
      penny in a balloon and making it make sounds and yawning sounds and
      gleeking and this:

      Two-inch sparks
      Create REALLY BIG "static" sparks: on a winter's day, scuff your feet
      on the rug so that your body becomes electrified. Now stand near a
      victim. Wiggle your shoes while pressing on the rug, so that you
      build up some charged footprints. Now suddenly LEAP INTO THE AIR and
      touch your victim with your finger at the same time, while you're
      still in flight. The spark will be much stronger than normal. (It's
      called "capacitve voltage multiplication." and VandeGraaff generators
      employ this effect.)

      And now it all makes sense from the previous discussions about
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