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88084Re: Plastic Storage Vial w/hinged lid

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  • Paul Alciatore
    Aug 4, 2014
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      I know it is not what you are looking for, but I have found, at
      Wal-Mart and other craft stores, clear plastic boxes that measure
      APPROXIMATELY 9.5" x 6.5" x 1". INSIDE these boxes are 24 clear,
      round containers, 1.5" in diameter, with screw on caps. They are
      intended for beads. All this for just a few dollars.

      I find them very handy for small parts, like screws, nuts, washers,
      etc. I haven't started using them for electronic parts yet, but they
      would be ideal for surface mount devices: you could probably fit
      dozens to a hundred or more in one round container. Through hole
      components can fit too, but in smaller numbers: still probably enough
      for hobby purposes and even many small commercial shops. Most of the
      places where I worked needed to keep 2-5 each of thousands of parts
      so this would have been ideal.

      I can store the boxes on the 1" edge on a shelf so 24 types of small
      parts can be stored in only 1" of shelf space. In my experience, that
      is VERY efficient. They fit well with and between the cardboard bins
      I use for larger parts, often allowing me to use the extra inch or
      two of shelf space that would otherwise be wasted. Yes, I have been
      at this for a long time.

      I have made a pattern for a label that fits/snaps inside the screw-on
      lids in a CAD program. It is trapezoidal shaped, with the long side
      down. It covers only slightly more than the top 50% of the cover so
      the parts are clearly visible in the uncovered, bottom portion. Using
      the CAD environment, I can print both a text description and any
      necessary illustration (like a symbol for the type of head on screws
      - Phillips, slot, hex, etc.). I print these on card stock and cut
      them out. Below is a link to a picture of this system.


      I also use long, strip labels in the end of the boxes to indicate the
      contents while on the shelf. They just slip in between the box and
      the round bins. The labels either snap in or are held in place by the
      round bins so they are easily changeable when my stock changes. No
      more ten year old, dried up adhesive to scrape off. No more labels
      dropping off after the adhesive dries out.

      Everything is crystal clear so the contents can be easily seen. I
      LOVE this feature. I pull out a box and instantly see everything
      inside it. A lot faster than opening a draw and looking at labels on
      top of vials that are not transparent. I see the parts and the label

      Another great feature if you have a lot of parts and a fluid stock is
      it is easy to rearrange. New part numbers can be easily added in
      sequence by just rearranging the round bins. And their labels move
      with them with no extra effort. I don't know how many times I have
      had to shuffle labels in plastic drawers.
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