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  • Electronics_101@yahoogroups.com
    Dec 1, 2013
      This note is sent monthly to the membership as a friendly reminder.

      WE ARE HERE TO HELP! However, we do ask that you keep a couple things in mind.

      #1, We are here to help people learn electronics and to help answer nagging electronics questions. That being said, we simply ask that you please put forth some effort to figure it out for yourself first.

      Please do your own homework before posting a question to the list. Many members become aggravated by posts that have vague and wide-ranging questions such as "What is a transistor?" or "What is communications?" or "Give me a circuit that charges a capacitor."

      The Electronics_101 community is here to lend assistance. That does not mean that we will do your work for you. Rather, we want to help you learn, not simply hand out canned answers.

      #2, PLEASE TRIM quoted text when replying! Simply highlight the extra text that is not critical to your post, delete it, then insert a line: something like <trim> or *snip* (or something fancy of your own devise) to show that extra stuff has been removed.

      Requoting entire posts to add one's little bit of advice results in larger posts with lots of unneeded/repeated posts, signatures, and free email provider add on advertisements and tag lines. Not everyone in the world has high speed Internet or unlimited access, so reduced downloads, even if just a little, add up to big savings for those people.

      On a related note, please turn off HTML when replying to the list. Use plain TXT only. HTML adds loads of extra garbage to the posts.

      Some helpful hints:

      Before asking a question, search the archives of the list. Many times someone asks a question about something that we recently discussed in great detail.

      Also try searching the web:

      Another decent starting point is:

      A high quality set of free background materials is available at places like:

      However, if you get stuck, remember: WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

      Your friendly neighborhood moderators
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