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83103Re: [Electronics_101] Ruggedized components?

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  • Derek
    Aug 21, 2013
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      When you say "ruggedized", are you talking about fully screened parts as
      used in military and space? Or are you talking about general shock
      abuse. If it is the prior, yes, there are parts but cost is high and
      many commercial products cannot afford the pricing.

      If you are talking about the later, then it becomes how the part is
      assembled. Some key points:
      1. Layout of parts on the board to minimize shock stress and
      prevent the parts from coming off. Think about what is shot out of a
      cannon / gun. Here if the parts are not in the proper orientation the
      parts will break away from the solder joint.
      2. Pot the entire assembly, or just the boards. Though it makes
      repair difficult, if not impossible (depending on the potting), it does
      help keep all the parts on the board.

      Derek Koonce
      DDK Interactive Consulting Services

      On 8/20/2013 6:58 PM, normnet2003 wrote:
      > Are their suppliers which offer ruggedized components for use in
      > portable devices? Most of the devices I assemble eventually are
      > dropped and broken due to component failure.
      > Norm

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