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81907Re: [Electronics_101] Re: Inexpensive GPM meter

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  • Lee
    May 8, 2013
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      A bucket and a watch with a second hand would be the simplest by far but it you really want a paddle wheel type thing - I suggest one of those little positive displacement pumps that mounts on a drill that uses water hose connections. Just run it backwards with water pressure and mount something on the shaft you can use to count with... magnet or whatever. Your still going to need a bucket though to be able to measure a gallon.

      Harbor Freight sells the little drill operated pumps for about $10 or so. I've seen them offered in other places too but I know HF sells them as a regular stock item.

      Lee B

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      From: normnet2003
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      Subject: [Electronics_101] Re: Inexpensive GPM meter

      I just need a temporary meter to determine the maximum flow rate to select the right mixing valve.
      I am hoping to find a paddle wheel with a magnet and count pulses with a PIC or a spring loaded paddle on a potentiometer to measure the water push angle etc.

      Perhaps a smaller diameter pipe with a pressure differential would be an indicator of flow?


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