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80605Re: CME-geomagnetic storm effects on technology

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    Feb 16, 2013
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      Regional switching centres (not unlike Internet Severs) are used to control
      electricity grids. The last time I saw inside such a centre �some 20 or
      more years� ago� there were several people watching �maps� on huge TV
      screens and using the information thus presented, to manually switch feeds
      and loads, according to the power demanded in their own and adjacent
      geographical areas.

      Electricity grids are huge and of course and often, their generators�
      outputs are shared internationally. Therefore, I should think that anything
      that interrupted correct commutations between such switching centres would
      plunge the whole electricity distribution system into complete chaos.
      Presumably, the EMI (electromagnetic interference) caused by an electrical
      storm and induced into the into the grid�s communications system (radio
      and/or cable) could corrupt data transmissions.

      I ain�t too sure about this �anyone know better?


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