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80595Re: CME-geomagnetic storm effects on technology

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  • Kerim F
    Feb 15, 2013
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      And what about us, humans, and our biological electric grid ;)
      This reminds me a person who said, after he noticed that his car was stolen while he was in a supermarket, "What a big loss, I forgot my cell phone in it" ;)

      --- In Electronics_101@yahoogroups.com, "A6intruder@..." <A6intruder@...> wrote:
      > We had the usual office discussion today of life changing scenarios after
      > seeing the meteor explode in Russia and the asteroid fly-by of earth this
      > afternoon.
      > Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) came up as one of the most likely to impact our
      > current lifestyle.
      > The typical thought is a real strong impact on our magnetosphere would not
      > only take out the electric grid but all our car computers, phones, PC's etc.
      > My question: Given an event strong enough to take out much of the power
      > grid, would that necessarily take out every microchip around?
      > My thought was the grid goes down because it is a great receiving antenna
      > and absorbs too much energy for the transformer's and other components to
      > handle. I can see any electrical device connected to the grid being at
      > risk.
      > How about an off-grid solar power system? Would the inverters necessarily
      > be fried?
      > If you had some warning and disconnected an inverter from every lead could
      > it then survive?
      > What about a modern automobile? Would its own miles of wiring act as a big
      > antenna to fry the microprocessors within?
      > How about a simple 555 chip sitting in your desk drawer?
      > How about an older car with no microprocessors?
      > Thanks for your thoughts!
      > Dan Nicoson
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