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79639RE: [Electronics_101] Re: OPI-ONE cables again...

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  • Larry Beaty
    Dec 13, 2012
      I use temp sensors in many places around the house. My favorite is a series
      string of four silicon diodes (1N4148). Each diode changes voltage with
      temperature at -2.5 mV/C. Use four diodes and you get about -10mV/C. I
      generate a 1.0 mA of current thru the diodes. What is your power supply
      voltage? You use a resistor in series with your power supply, preferably a
      12 Vdc supply to get your 1.0 mA of current. Then the voltage across the
      diodes (or diode) is exactly inversely proportional to temperature.

      I use an op amp to change the voltage gain and offset to get the band of
      temperature desired. Then there is now the 0 to 5V needed for your
      microprocessor A to D input.

      That is how I would do it.


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