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66113Re: [Electronics_101] Crimp terminals

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  • Stefan Trethan
    Dec 1, 2010
      True, many high reliability connectors are crimped, but not with
      pliers like these:

      instead they use something more like this:

      If you have only the first kind of terminals and pliers, soldering is
      probably more reliable. Let's hope the terminals take solder and
      aren't made of aluminium because it was cheaper ;-)

      A proper terminal applied with the right tool usually does not improve
      in reliability with soldering, often the opposite is true, although in
      some situations (automotive for example) crimped terminals are
      soldered. Again the right procedure is required to avoid the problems.


      On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 3:48 AM, Randy <randy@...> wrote:

      >> It's questionable if the connectors you linked to will make a
      >> reasonable crimp even with stranded wire.
      > I don't really agree here. I DONT KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE, but, I've
      > read that aircraft applications FORBID soldering  lug-type
      > connections. BUT,
      > AFAIK, this is due to the fact that flexing *soldered* connections
      > will *always* eventually fail; not very good in an aircraft. SO: if
      > I had to crimp a connection, I'd solder it, too, at the end of the
      > connector away from where the wire enters it, so it can't possibly
      > flex at the soldered connection, or corrode or compress at the
      > crimp to the detriment of the connection.
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