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63670Re: [Electronics_101] Re; flyback transformer

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  • Sanmeet H
    Aug 1, 2010
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      Hi Chester,

      I got a fairly good idea on "how to reduce the leakage inductance of
      transformer" by reading Derek's post (Thanks Derek!)
      By asking you "whether the 10mm nut would now fit", i did not intend to imply at
      all that you are asking me to furnish unecessay details.

      It was my attempt to wittingly ask if the transformer that I got would be good
      for my smps design and what drawbacks should i expect in performance. (The wit
      failed, i guess- english is not my first language)

      You may kindly reply to the last query again.


      From: Howard Chester <howard.chester@...>
      To: Electronics_101@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sat, July 31, 2010 5:18:13 PM
      Subject: [Electronics_101] Re; flyback transformer

      Hello again Sanmeet, on your topic of the transformer.  In the previous Digest
      (4757) Derek Koonce has provided you with a range of possible (and sound)
      As for the 10mm nut? well not being a motor mechanic, the only nuts that get me
      going are, a)Pea, 2) Brasil and 3)Pecan.
      Sorry if I sounded a bit Leary in the last post but you would be surprised with
      some of the requests the group get eg " my washing machine does not work
      anymore. There are bits of black rubber underneath, so I think that the belt is
      broken. Please tell me where to get a new one?".
      Anyway, all the best with your project. chester

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