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60968Re: [Electronics_101] Question, has anyone made or tried of of these EMF sleep aid devices?

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  • jong kung
    May 1, 2010
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      Hi all, I found this sleeping aid circuit
      > board device. It
      works by emitting
      > earth's frequency EMF's

      Sounds hockey pockey.  I'm not convinced that whatever EMF earth emits, that it is missing in the cities (or where ever people are not able to sleep).  I would have to see some data that:

      (a) earth has EMF
      (b) it is steady and simple enough to be reproduced (not random noise)
      (c) it can be reproduced using a small device
      (d) and that this EMF is related to sleep.


      If anything, we have too much EMF in the cities and we should shield ourselves (if it can be proven the background EMF is causing the lack of sleep).

      I say just cut back on Coffee after mid-day.  :-)


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