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15489Re: [Electronics_101] Re: Point me into the right direction please.

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  • Stefan Trethan
    Feb 1, 2005
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      On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 23:35:53 -0500, Roy J. Tellason
      <rtellason@...> wrote:

      > On Tuesday 01 February 2005 02:47 pm, Stefan Trethan wrote:
      >> I simply used a 12V 10W (or so) car bulb acros 5V, worked well and need
      >> no
      >> cooling.
      > Good idea, though I guess you need a socket then, and if the bulb burns
      > out
      > you lose your minimum load, though I don't guess that's likely to happen
      > that soon running off the +5...

      Nah i simply soldered wires to it, which held it in place under the 4mm
      A 12V bulb at 5V isn't going to burn out while we are still here ;-).

      >> With the component prices, i do not see the value in a resistor with
      >> clipped
      >> leads which need soldered extensions to work in the breadboard.
      > None of them are *that* short!

      Well, that depends on your breadboarding preferrence.
      There is the "flat" type and the "3D" type.
      Some prefer to lay down the parts and wires flat like on a pcb (or solder
      breadboard) and some prefer to make big loops that stick up in the air.
      With a used resistor you are limited to the pitch it was used with (or
      close). A new resistor goes anywhere from 100mil to what? 2000mil or so.
      That means i need much less wires because the resistor goes directly from
      e.g. IC pin to IC pin.
      If you are worried about shorts you can slide lengths of wire isolation on
      the component legs.(but i never had a destructive short.)

      >> It just can get tedious to hunt for used parts at times, especially if
      >> you
      >> try to copy web-schematics, at the beginning you don't know what to
      >> substitute with.
      > Depends on how well organized your salvage is. I'm not as well
      > organized as I
      > used to be, but I have a *lot* of parts in small boxes, etc. and which
      > are
      > listed in a card file. Goes all the way back to 1977!

      That might be, but i can not have as many small boxes as my parts
      supplier. Even if i could, there are some parts i use which i __KNOW__ are
      in no PCB i have or know where to find.
      I just don't want to be restricted that much on the component side.
      Also, having to make a differnt footprint for many different versions of
      the same components isn't worth the saving for me, i like a bit of

      > Whatever works. Which is going to be somewhat different for everyone.
      Like everything.

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