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15467Re: [Electronics_101] Re: Point me into the right direction please.

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  • Stefan Trethan
    Feb 1 11:16 AM
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      Reading all the great replys you got i want to add one thing.

      Additionally to the solderless breadboard simply get a old PC power supply.

      It has 5V,12V, the two negative, sometimes 3.3V.
      Most even have good overload protection.

      The amount of stuff i learned with a solderless breadboard and a PC PSU
      fitted below it doesn't fit in any book. Make custom leads for your meter
      so they directly fit into the breadboard. (You won't have 4mm system at
      the beginning anyway).

      If you have the money, get a scope. How much it would have helped me back

      Also, i have once written a list of basic parts you need for someone who
      asked, i think it is in the files section.

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